Monday, December 3, 2012

Y2 Day 96: Real Books Written by Real Authors Who Aren't Me

I just got brutally and violently rejected, even though I'm sure my attacker meant no real harm:

           I'm afraid that for the moment we will have to pass on Measuring 
         Up, but we are really happy that you let us the opportunity to read 
         your story, and wish you nothing but the best in your future career.

Total jerkwads, amirite? And see how they left out the word "have"? They're morons too. Abusive and sub-literate. Who's with me on this?!


So I'm blue, sitting here with my rejection letter and my cancer. I did take a walk and lift weights, so I'm sweaty and virtuous, but that seems to be trumped by sad and blue and rejected and disease-ridden and desolate in the certain knowledge that I'm a complete failure as an aspiring YA authoress.

But as I wallow I also turn my mind to Improving Literature, as in, I have a hankering to read some. I've read many of the "classics" but certainly not all — probably not even half. And there are some that I would very much like to read (as opposed to books that I would like to have read. I have zero interest in reading David Copperfield  — zero!! — but it feels so lame not to have read it). I'm starting with Jane Eyre, which will be a reread, but I read it so long ago that I'm hazy on the details, and then here's my plan for the New Year:
  • January, Anna Karenina
  • February, The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • March, Frankenstein
  • April, The Scarlet Letter
  • May, Uncle Tom's Cabin
  • June, Emma
After that, we'll just see. By all reports The Scarlet Letter will likely kill me, so it seems unwise to plan too far ahead after that (though I've enjoyed the little bit of Hawthorne I've read. Well, we'll see. Suffering builds character, after all).

I'm trying to convince Brunie to come drink bourbon with me right now (my exact request was "...and help me pluck off the leeches of self-pity" — what kind of bad un-friend could turn this down???), but she has so far turned a deaf ear. Thus adding to my total and utter rejection, Brunie.

Guess I'm drinking alone! Ah, sweet hooch — you never fail me, and you're always here.

Wallow, wallow.

— Lady C


  1. I LOVE The Scarlet Letter! It's so wonderful! Rejection is the spice of writing! Keep chugging on! Persistence is the path to publishing!

    1. Thank you for the pep talk! You are very dear. I'll let you know what I think about The Scarlet Letter when Hawthorne month rolls around, but I'm glad to hear it has a fan.