Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Y2 Day 98: Choosing Between "Probably Right" and "Less Right But Still Perfectly Viable"

Here's the sitch: I did zumba last night, my new zumba class starts tonight, and I have zumba tomorrow night — last class with Sexy Dancy Nancy for a while, hence the new Wednesday class.

I thought I would have to miss tomorrow's class because my son has a concert — except he doesn't. The concert isn't until the 18th.

I really really really want to skip zumba tonight. I'll go tomorrow and get my two classes for the week, which is all I'd expected to do.

I'm exhausted (as always at this time of day, plus I got up at dawn to get Mimosa to a 7 a.m. chorus rehearsal), I got a ton done today, and I'm making a scrumptious dinner for my family (sausages, German potato salad, fennel slaw, red-hot apples). I would love to stay home, watch Survivor with Li'l Martini, possibly try out one or two of the card games we'll be playing at his birthday party (more on this below), read any one of my five new library books, and get a good night's sleep.

And drink a glass of wine. Possibly I should mention that this is part of my plan.

So while I won't be doing much for my physical health (other than the sleep), my Plan B Evening will be aces for my mental health! Rest and leisure! Intellectual stimulation! (From Jane Eyre, not Survivor.) Fun family time!

Still. Of course I know that I should go to zumba. I've got two more hours to decide. In the meantime, sausage and potato salad await!

—Lady C, in a quandary

p.s. Martini's birthday is December 21, and his party will be the 23rd. He is having a poker night (because pinatas are for fifth-graders), but in addition to poker he wants to play Tripoly and Kings in the Corner using poker chips and Casino and maybe some other games, and we need to brush up on a few. It's going to be such fun, though. Yesterday, I bought candy cigarettes and licorice pipes and decks of cards for party favors, all for less than 12 bucks at the 5 & Dime, and today I made the invitation. I love planning my kids' birthday parties!!

p.p.s. Husband commented, "One thing we can tell from your blog — you really like bourbon." I said, "I'm trying to use up the lemon syrup before it goes bad; the drink recipe makes a ton." He said I should explain this so my readers don't think I've changed drinks on them.

Dear Readers, while I do love a good Bourbon Bog — (so! yummy!) — Chardonnay is my mother's milk, my sustenance and succor. I hope you are reassured.


  1. Zumba will be there tomorrow! And I'm a bourbon gal, myself! :-)

    1. Of course you are! I savored your eloquent paean to Kentucky's finest. Though as I recall you recoil from a certain combo (bourbon and Sprite, maybe? ew), so I wondered what you would make of my cocktail: bourbon, cranberry juice, lemon syrup (lemon, sugar, and water, boiled down to nothing), and bitters. Sound OK, or am I diluting the bourbon too much?

      I don't want Kentuckians to spit in my direction, in other words!