Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Y2 Days 104 and 105: Um, Is This the Right Way?

Wait a minute. Are you telling me that the path to weight loss does not include zumba truancy, mainlining Trader Joe's white-fudge-frosted mini gingerbread persons, and eating cheese and salami like I'm going to the chair?

OK, well, that explains the number I saw on my scale this morning.

As those car-direction-giver-thingies say, "Redirecting."

(Soon, anyway. This is a tough week to live through. But my hope is that a return to healthy choices will actually cause me less stress, rather than add to the teetery pile. Hope! It's a viable life choice!)

Yesterday I was buried under mounds of work and haunted by the huge amount of $$$ that I gave the post office to get Daddy's birthday presents to him in a timely fashion — whereas, if I had just managed to get my nonsense together and mail them last Friday, they could have gone by the slow China boat or Pony Express for a mere pittance. I am determined to get the Christmas presents mailed this week by parcel freaking post. But that means I need to wrap them (not that fun), find the right size mailing box (HATE this part) and fit them neatly into it (HATE this part), and then wrap the box in brown paper, tape it securely, and make an address label (not so fun).

Hey, I'm a Math Practice Guide, I can do this story problem!

not fun + HATE + HATE + not fun = gimme food NOW, plus also wine

I finished the biggest mound of work, so that's the good news, and today's scheduled job has yet to appear. And honestly? If you booked me for the day but haven't gotten the job to me by 3 p.m., aka universal school's-out time, I consider that you have missed your window; I'm now stepping away from the computer and going to wrap some of those presents, so if she e-mails it to me now, I'll never know.

I have another job scheduled for tomorrow, so heaven only knows when I'll fit in today's job, whenever it shows up — tonight Mimosa has a concert, tomorrow I have a committee meeting, and Friday night is our church's Embracing the Darkness service. Busy busy! And I am determined not to work this weekend!!

(Note that I have not listed "zumba" here. I missed last night's class and will have to miss tonight's. I am wretched. And slothful.)

OK, I feel like I'm tempting fate by staying on the computer this long, so I will wrap up this rap to go wrap. Buh-bye!

—Lady C

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  1. The holidays are manic for everyone! I hope things calm down for your soon so you can relax!