Sunday, December 16, 2012

Y2 Days 108 and 109: Oozing with Christmas Spirit!


Our Christmas decor is a wonderful mix of tradition, sentiment, reverence, and a heartfelt appreciation of the absurd. Redheaded girls abound on our tree (as you can see in this close-up snippet), to celebrate the two in our house; in addition you can see the tiny suit of clothes, Mimosa's first Christmas ornament; the bottom half of the Carnegie Library in Deep Valley, Minnesota; and my TV lovah Gary Dourdan, made for me by my BF Lady Darcy. And also: a Christmas cow chain, because what is more Christmassy than the rabid killer bovine?

(I was chased by a cow once. I do not forget.)

Here's our famous Nativity scene, with the King serenading the King of Kings, and what my children claim is a suicidal goat (they are messing with their goat-lovin' mama; I know that the mischievous creature is simply trying for a closer look at the blessed bairn).

I just now noticed that a snake is slithering over what appears to be an expired pig.

My children . . . man. I don't know what to say.

And I don't know what Joseph is looking at. Or who that redhead is, cozying up to Jesus. The innkeeper's daughter, perhaps? Pert miss!

I was a devoted Barbie girl back in the day, and when Husband and I celebrated our first Christmas together I had a brainstorm: Barbie decor! Into red and green outfits they went, and they've adorned our staircase every December since.

(For connoisseurs, Malibu PJ is third from left; fifth from left is "Julia," from the TV show starring Diahann Carroll; a vintage original Barbie is to her right, and Barbie's friend Jamie [the dog-walker] is next on the right. Far right and third from right are Ariel the mermaid and Tinkerbell, respectively, who joined me from Mimosa's collection; Mimosa tired of Barbie fairly early. Sigh.)

Faithful readers may recall that we had some trouble with Mr. Spock last year, namely, he lost his head. But all is well, and this year he's driving the vintage sleigh I inherited from my great-grandmother.

(Spock is not really the right size, but I don't have a right-size Santa either. Mr. Spock will do nicely. And the reindeer are prospering, as you can see.)

With my biggest responsibilities behind me, I am waltzing into pre-Christmas week with a giddy heart and bubbly spirits!
  • Tomorrow, I shall ready my house and the songbooks for my annual Caroling Party.
  • On Tuesday, I'm invited to the Holiday Champagne Brunch at my former workplace, put on by my darling friend Mrs. Cynicletary, and that night Li'l Martini plays his glock in a school concert.
  • On Wednesday, I shall dance and sweat my heart out at zumba.
  • Thursday — we carol! Good Neighbor Anne and I dreamed up this party when our girl cherubs were 5, and they are now 15. I've been doing this a long time!
  • On Friday Martini turns 12! He has requested bagels and a milkshake for breakfast, and my innovation, a Tower o' Doughnuts, in lieu of birthday cake.
  • On Saturday, I'm attending a Holiday Open House with Kind Tina (and likely wrapping presents with Husband).
  • On Sunday, Sexy Em is hosting a party, complete with chocolate fountain "and other delicacies like ham," she says, and Li'l Martini has his birthday party — five boys and at least that many cut-throat card games. It will be a gas gas gas.
In short — a solid week of fun, and it's not even Christmas yet!

Happy happy, merry merry!*

—Lady C

* This is my holiday attitude when I don't have a migraine.

When I have a migraine, my attitude is, "Ho f---ing ho." You may quote me.

p.s. Shout-out to my beloved Dad, whose 79th birthday is today!! His photo can be spied somewhere between all the Barbies. When we talked today, I told him how impressed my children were by the "possum/13 nipple" fact. He said, "It may not matter much to you, but it sure does to the 14th possum."

My daddy — he wise.


  1. Happy Birthday to your father and happy early birthday to Martini! Your decorations are wonderful! :-)