Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012: Whatta Year!

We saw the Old Year out and the New Year in in true Chardonnay style: with games, great food, and laughter! I prepared seven or eight Trader Joe's appetizers, plus veggies and dip, boursin and crackers, baked Brie, and a plate of strawberries and grapes; we also had cookies from Lakota Bakery and these little chocolate-covered s'mores that you were supposed to warm in the microwave for 10 seconds and which we all forgot about.

On Saturday I'd concocted a white sangria with the bottle of Pinot Grigio someone brought to my caroling party (one of the two white wines I truly dislike, the other being Riesling, ugh, the equivalent of drinking a bottle of syrup), the remaining half bottle of sparkling lemonade from Martini's birthday party, some Triple Sec, some brandy, some pomegranate juice, and the lemon slices left over from the Caesar salad I'd served at my caroling party. It was extremely tasty AND emptied the fridge of many leftovers and half-full bottles — win-win! So anyway, I had a big glass of that (emptying the pitcher), and that was my only alcoholic libation for the evening, a true first for me since I came of drinking age.

(Possibly the two margaritas and two glasses of wine I enjoyed yesterday on an outing with Brunie are the explanation for my relative temperance; as I age, I tend to have a Drinking Day followed by a Non-Drinking Day, which averages to a glass of wine a day, more or less, which, one therapist told me, "does not make you an alcoholic, it makes you French.")

As I look back over the year, I'm especially proud that I stuck with my weight-loss efforts; in the past few weeks a few pounds did creep back on (truly, it's a miracle that it's only a few, I have been eating), but if I ate lightly today and tomorrow and exercised hard both days they would be gone, they're those kind of pounds, so I'm still counting 40 as my year-end total. Which is awesome. And I'm feeling very motivated to blast through the next 10; my buddy KT is likewise on the Loss Express Train (she's got a son's wedding to shape up for), and we will share a sleeper car and give each other pep talks. And facials.

Other things I'm happy about:
  • I again applied for the BPL's writing grant and made it to the Top 5
  • I figured out how to bring more money in and got the exact second job I wanted: Math Practice Guide (and I totally love it!)
  • Husband and I are still in love and having fun, and we had lots of cool dates this year (something we often forget to do)
  • My kids are healthy, usually happy (Mimosa is a teen, after all; her default is happiness with a side of drama), and generally kind
  • I finished Jane Eyre! and adored it! On to Anna Karenina
I'm trying to remember if I made a new friend this year; I'm certainly friendlier with some new people, which is a start. There's a woman at church I like a lot, and I see friendship potential there. Time will tell!

And my circle of dearest friends is still intact. I got to see West Coast friends J and Lady Darcy this year, which was wonderful, and a bunch of my Betsy-Tacy friends at the Convention in July. I'm long overdue for a trip to the Pacific Northwest, to see Bride Boy and Mrs. Fog Dog and my BT pallies there — maybe in 2013? That would be fantastic. It's just a question of those twin demons, Time and Money. (And my "vacations" tend to include visits with my aging parents; it's hard to think about going anywhere else. I justify the Betsy-Tacy Conventions by working in visits to my brothers. Ah, we shall see.)

Anyway! It was a good year. As I noted at the end of 2011, pretty much my lifelong New Year's resolutions have been (1) lose weight, (2) manage my money better, and (3) do something with my writing. And for the first time in ever, I am doing all three on a regular basis! two years in a row! That is a very good feeling.

I do have a New Year's resolution, but it's serious so I'm writing about it in a different post. Stay tuned!

May your first day of 2013 be merry and bright!

Lady C

p.s. Longtime readers may recall that my twin motivations for losing weight were (1) to be a good role model for my daughter and (2) to stave off the near-certain diabetes waiting for me (fair, fat, and fifty, with a diabetic mom). At Mimosa's latest check-up, the doctor happily noted that she'd lost weight and that her BMI, while still high, was in a healthy range — yay!!!! And I just read in Good Housekeeping, "If you keep blood sugar normal (losing weight can get it there), your risk of diabetes in the next 10 years will plummet 56%." My blood sugar is already in fine shape (I have it tested all the time), so . . . the news ahead is all good, if you ask me.


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