Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas A Go-Go

So sad. I hate taking down the jazzy and festive Christmas decorations. In their place, I'm going for a lovely and elegant winter look: a silver tray of pine cones and red berries, with silver candles in tall crystal candlesticks, on my coffee table; a white poinsettia flanked with chunky crystal candle holders and tea lights on my dining room table; assorted pine cones and crystal snowflakes scattered on my Ikea bookshelves; crocheted snowflakes hanging from my ficus tree. It looks very pretty. We also dusted and polished and scrubbed, and the house is quite clean.

But it isn't Christmas.

Oh, well! Life goes on. Today Husband will take the kids to see Monsters Inc. in 3-D while I sign and address a small mountain of Christmas cards. My goal is to finish today (this is so early for me!! I usually do this over MLK weekend) and have this enormous task off my plate so I can sit back and enjoy TV nirvana: the season premiere of Downton Abbey and a new episode of The Good Wife! It doesn't get better than this.

But first we must go to church, where Kind Tina begged me for a favor; I'll be leading a Q&A with some Sikh youth during our Time For All Ages/First Sermon. I can hardly wait to hear what I'm going to say! (Answer: Whatever comes out of my mouth, there is no script.) At least it will be blessedly short; TFAA is only about 10 minutes. I can wing anything for 10 minutes.

Mimosa needs to bring an empty soup can to Youth Group tonight, so dinner will be whatever involves a can of cream of mushroom soup, or perhaps a can of broth. An interesting challenge awaits!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Lady C

p.s. I called Nurse Kathy last Monday and ended up chatting with her firefighter husband; "What'd you do this weekend?" I asked, and he said, "Took down those Christmas decorations — that tree had to go." I said, "Whuhhh?"— (it was only December 30! chillax, dude!) — and then remembered his profession. "Yes," I said, "I think of you every time I turn on the tree lights . . . knowing how dry the tree is getting . . . What would Kathy's husband say? I wonder . . ." He laughed. Every time he comes to my house and notices that I've got candles lit, which is often, he greets me with the words, "I see two open flames . . ." He's adorable.

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