Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Color Me Azure, Navy, Indigo

I sat down to write a blog post last night and then went, Huh. I'm still morose, it would have been a very depressed post, and thinking about writing it just made me more depressed. So I went to zumba instead, which was a great mood lifter, as always. Exercise is magic! And particularly zumba.

This is my two-year zumbaversary, by the way! I started in January of 2011. Over the years I've done aerobics, I've done Nautilus, I've done Jazzercise, but I've never done anything as faithfully and commitedly as zumba. I am the Steadfast Zumba Soldier. Hear me roar!

And I had a nice cup of tomato and roasted pepper soup, some multi-grain pita chips, and a few slices of wasabi cheddar for dinner, took a hot shower, and went to bed early . . .

. . . and then woke up with a migraine and hadn't lost a single pound. Which is not why I'm blue again today, but it sure didn't help.

Here's the thing: I'm worried about my daughter. I can't go into details, but I'm worried, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to help her, and yesterday she and I sat down to talk about her grades (which aren't great right now) and she began to cry and cry and cry. Please understand: Husband and I don't care about her grades, per se; we care that she's learning what she needs to learn and that she feels confident and successful academically, rather than like a failure. But currently she's on the wrong side of the emotional tracks, and I am at a loss.

Tomorrow I meet with her guidance counselor and the school social worker, and we'll see what we can do about getting her more support.

In the meantime . . . I love her as extravagantly and unreservedly and unconditionally as I can, and pray. What else can I do?

Let me tell you: When things are wrong with one of your babies, nothing else feels right in the world.

And I am worried about money, though I try so hard not to be; I have no work scheduled this week (other than Math Practice — thank God for that!), which is always alarming. But I think I figured out a way to pay our insurance monthly, rather than in one fell swoop in January, and that will help a lot; I will set that up tomorrow. Of course, my 15-year-old car is just about to give up the ghost, and we desperately need a new couch, and Husband's car is just about as old as mine . . .


I have zumba again tonight and had planned a lovely dinner of Chinese sausage, sesame noodles, Asian coleslaw, and sauteed snap peas . . . but after a day of Math Practice, "cleaning" a section at the library (my new volunteer job — did I mention it? I started today. Total fun for a book-loving organization freak like me!), grocery shopping, going to the post office (the postal clerk was a total bee-yotch; I said, "This letter is going out of the country," and she barked, "To which country?" "Um," I said, totally blank, ". . . Nova Scotia?" She threw it at me and said, "You need to write CANADA on there." OK, yes, I am a moron, but good Lord, woman, have some compassion; my life as a moron is very challenging), and picking up a present for the birthday party Li'l Martini is attending this weekend . . . I think we're having frozen pizza, and I'm going to drink wine out of the bottle with a straw, or maybe even hard liquor (a Ward 8 is sounding pretty good — J, I wish you were here to share it with me!!), and it's highly possible that I'll be skipping zumba tonight, instead opting for a hot shower and an early bedtime. Even though I know that exercise is the best thing for turning my navy mood a soft sky blue.

Well, we'll see.

OK, so, this was a depressed post. Now you know. Should I eschew blogging when I'm depressed?!

Time to go over Spanish words with Mimosa in prep for tomorrow's test. I took French, I know nothing from Spanish, though I did grow up in California. Hola, chica! Donde esta el taco? That's it. That's all I got.


—Lady C


  1. I hope that you feel less morose soon. And sending all my best to Mimosa! I hope that she finds center again soon. I hate to hear that people cry - it makes me want to give them a big hug. So do give her a big hug for me. All will be well!

    1. I absolutely will, thanks. I continue to be amazed by how much love, support, and caring is available to us, if we can find the courage to ask for it. She will be happy to know that one of Mommy's blog friends is thinking of her.

      (Actually, you've already touched her life in a crazy way -- she's a curlygirl like you, and I *casually* mentioned [I cannot stress how casual this was] that "my friend Kate says the no-shampoo approach is really working for her," which caused her to stop washing her hair. Good lord, she was a mess! An adolescent, remember, so lOTS of excess oil production. Yowza.)

      (And it's so ironic, because does she listen to a single other thing I say??? Ha.)

    2. It's a bit more complicated then just not washing. I still wash it - I just wash with conditioner. She really should give it another go, but follow this program: That website outlines step by step the program in really easily followed instructions.

      There is also a book available on Amazon called Curly Girl: The Handbook. Even if she is adolescent, it would help tame (interestingly enough) the oil production. I HIGHLY recommend it.

    3. Yes, I told her there was more to it. Right now she's somewhat scarred by the experience, so I will wait a bit to re-introduce the idea (and in the meantime she's found a product that she likes a lot and that helps her maintain the line between curl and frizz), but I will check out that site and be armed with info. Thanks for all the tips, I really appreciate it!

  2. Good Neighbor AnneJanuary 10, 2013 at 5:39 PM

    One of my colleagues once told me that we are only as happy as our least happy child. :( Sooo sorry. I know you are getting her help. At this age, there is only so much parents can do. (The days of being able to solve all their problems is over, sadly...) Let us know how we can help!

    Also: can I just highlight that you said "Exercise is magic." ?!?!?!
    Who ARE you? What have you done with the former Lady Chardonnay?!?! ;)

    1. Hee! I was high on exercise when I wrote that.

      You and Angel-Daughter help every single day just by being there and being our friends. I am more grateful than words can express.

      One day at a time, right??!


  3. Someday, Lady C, we'll have to try a teletini, although I'm sure a tele-Ward 8 would work just as well, if you'll just give me the recipe. The 3-hour time difference might be tricky, but I'm sure we can find a way.

    Hugs to you and the Divine Ms. M.

    J. (Fried pickles??? Not known of here on the Left Coast that I know of.)

    1. Perhaps you and Z and I could do a cocktail hour by Skype? (I'm talking through my hat, I have no idea how Skype works. But how fun would that be?! We could do it 5 your time, 8 ours; Zanny will just be getting home from work. Fun!)

      Ward 8: 2 oz. rye, .5 oz. lemon juice, .5 oz. orange juice, splash of grenadine. Shake with ice, strain, sip, swoon!

      Next time you're out here, I'll find you some fried pickles -- and if that's not an incentive, I don't know what is.

      Thanks for the hugs!