Friday, January 11, 2013

Cures for What Ails You

Truth be told, I'm still seeing the world through Paul Newman-blue eyes, but I'm gaining some perspective. Good Neighbor Anne reminds me that a mom is only as happy as her saddest child, and both my cherubs had some knocks this week. But we just finished a good meal together; everyone left the table with smiles on their faces; the weekend lies before us; this too shall pass.

And today I had a lovely lunch with one of my most favey people, my beloved friend Mrs. Cynicletary; I ate yummy fish tacos and drank Diet Pepsi with fresh lime; we laughed and talked and also got a little teary (we're at that age; it's either our children or our aging parents; something is always breaking); and she gave me the cutest little outfit, like a sweatsuit but made out of material more like a windbreaker and lined with something very soft. I looked at it and thought, Cute, but I am never fitting into that, and then I went home and tried it on and it fit perfectly. Woo-hoo!

And then I curled up on my couch with a pile of reading and the most delicious hot drink, sweet hot chai tea with steamed foamy milk, both of which (the tea and the milk frother) were presents from my darling friend Zanzibar, and it was such an elegant and satisfying drink, it was like getting a hug from my dear friend who is so many miles away from me, and that was a very nice feeling.

And one of the things I read was Husband's AARP Bulletin (I am merely a junior member of AARP, being so young and dewy and all), which included the best list of resolutions for better health in the new year that I've ever seen:
  1. Throw a party
  2. Adopt a pet
  3. Choose chocolate
  4. Savor your coffee
  5. Raise a glass of wine (or beer)
  6. Have sex
  7. Listen to your favorite music
  8. Take a nap
  9. Go au naturel (this does not mean become a nudist; it means spend some time outdoors each day)
  10. Stop using soap with triclosan
And one more: "At least once a week, buy yourself the present of spending time doing exactly what you want."

I love this list! I'm not a napper and I'm not sure what's in my soap, but otherwise I'm in good shape. And I will definitely pay attention to that final suggestion.

As a matter of fact, I'm hitting #1 by throwing a small party tomorrow night. There's a particular group of women at my church whom I get together with before big fundraisers and other events to drink champagne and apply fancy make-up and false eyelashes. I call them my Glam Posse. Tomorrow night our Youth Group is hosting a prom, so my Glam Posse is coming over beforehand for what I've billed as "Lip Gloss and Libations." Fun, hmm?

I plan to wear a long green velour gown, somewhat clingy, and to shoehorn myself into Spanx. I will be a vision — albeit a zaftig middle-aged vision.

Anyway! It will be fun. And Husband is taking the kids to see Monsters Inc. in 3-D, so they have something jazzy to do as well. (Mimosa would rather eat a box of hair than go to a dance, particularly a dance attended by her mother.)

I would love to have lost another 10 pounds before squeezing into this dress, but it was not to be. I think my blue mood came with some weight attached. But now I will go take a hot bath and drink some more hot chai and steamed milk, and who knows what the morrow will bring?

TGIF! Happy weekend, my peeps!

xx Lady C


  1. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, Lady C!

    1. Hee! Well, as you now know, I've had better. But I did read a very good book, and that is something. Thanks for your well wishes!

  2. Yay for beloved friends and tacos! (Please note that the disciplined Lady C. drank zero margaritas!)Also, I am SO HAPPY that little suit fit-I knew it would! XO, Mrs. Cynicletary

    1. You have a better eye for size than I do, that's for sure.

      I have my fingers crossed HARD that I did not infect you with anything and that you are sailing through your jam-packed week, simply bursting with good health!


    2. I have been behaving like woman with OCD this week, scrubbing my hands, using a paper towel to touch any office surfaces, disinfecting to beat the band, wearing gloves on the bus, not touching my face, taking emergenc-ee like a maniac and getting lots of sleep, so I am AOK! Jam-packed week 1/3 over and all is well. :-)

    3. OMG, knock on wood or something now, ya crazy fate-tempting broad! Wish we could be with you to hear the play and celebrate D's birth!!! I know that both will be spectacular.