Sunday, January 27, 2013


I've lost an entire pound since my last weigh-in in November! On that date, it had been ages since my previous weigh-in, and FatSecret told me that it would take something like 42,000 months to reach my goal weight (i.e., it will not be happening in this lifetime, Lady). But FatSecret was more like an approving auntie this morning:

You lost 1.0 lb (0.4 %) since you last weighed in on Monday 05 Nov 12.
At that rate it will take you about 270 months to get to your goal weight.

Heck, that's just 22 years! Not a problem.

And I can finally say that I've lost more than 40 pounds!!!!!!

I may post more later but just wanted to share the news while it's hot off the press.

And I will slug the first person who suggests that the loss may be attributed to my new hooch-free state. 

Oh, wait, I won't. We don't have that kind of relationship. Say whatever you want to say.

The point is (respectfully): I don't care. I will be drinking wine as soon as I can. I lost 40 pounds while drinking wine. The trick is finding balance.

I think it helped that I didn't eat a lick of restaurant food yesterday and had a very light dinner, and I've already planned my morning and will have breakfast before church. I knew that weekends were becoming a problem, and I figured out how to solve it. Well, for this weekend, anyway. Apparently I'll be doing this for the next 22 years.

Yay! Celebrate with me!

—(a lighter) Lady C

p.s. True Confessions time: I had a light dinner and went right into the tub, thinking I was done eating for the day, but I'm reading a book set in New Orleans, the descriptions of food made me insane, I had to eat something else before bed, and here's what I ate: Brie. And crackers. (Albeit, reduced-fat whole-wheat crackers.) In bed. And yet I still lost weight. Life amazes me.


  1. yay for you. on tuesday when we went to the city i wore a pair of jeans that have been super tight (too tight to wear). they fit much better, still tight but not shockingly so. i think it must be the swimming. i did rip the jeans off as soon as i got home and put on my sweats. i haven't weighed myself for over a year. i fear the news would not be good.

    i read back over the other posts about forgiveness, your teacher, and the secret lady c. you are much better at maintaining an air of maturity during disagreements. the teacher yes, we must be professional but corkscrew man - you are so polite.
    be brave xx
    ps page 245 of wolf hall.

    1. Woo-hoo! go you, in your skinny jeans! Yep, exercise definitely does a job, even when the scale says otherwise -- and swimming, they say, is the best of the best.

      I'm on page 12 of Anna K. Long, long slog. Which of us will finish first?? My money's on you.

  2. Congrats on the lost pound, Lady C! That's wonderful news! My substitute for Brie while on Weight Watchers is The Laughing Cow light swiss wedges. 3 wedges for only 2 WW points, have it with some 2 point red pepper jelly and some 3 point water crackers and you have a DIVINE snack. :-)

    It's not brie, but it makes me feel less guilty. Although, it's also less divine than brie. So..... I want your life.

    1. The Brie (I'm embarrassed to say) was left over from New Years Eve; it's not something I usually have on hand, thank God. I will check out the Laughing Cow and the jelly of the pepper. Sounds yummy to me! Yes, less wonderful than Brie, probably, but I will trade for a heaping helping of virtue.

      Thanks you for the cheers!