Thursday, January 3, 2013

Who's Lost Five and a Half Pounds? Me! Me!

I knew they were those kind of pounds — the ones that are just visiting for the holidays. Two days of temperance and hard sweat, I'm back down to 248. Still no sylph, of course, but I'm maintaining my 40. Woo-hoo! Go, me!

In other news, today I tried an experiment that paid off handsomely. The one food category that I cannot interest my children in is soup. I make a killer caramelized onion soup — no dice. I make a fantastic roasted tomato soup; Mimosa sips it grudgingly, Li'l Martini won't go near it. They'll eat Campbell's tomato with a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch on a cold day, and that's about it.

And it makes me sad, because a bowl of soup, a crisp green salad, some good bread, and a glass of wine is pretty much my perfect winter supper — easy, tasty, good for you, and cheap.  But they were having none of it.

And then . . . I remembered that I have a recipe for Santa Fe Soup that comprises, among other yummy elements, a packet of taco seasoning. What if I sold it to my kids as Taco Soup? and allowed them to crumble tortilla chips on top? Even the dreaded Nacho Cheese Doritos, the smell of which makes me want to hurl?

All the Chardonnays love tacos, though Mimosa prefers her taco meat unseasoned (she would be a good candidate for a product I once saw [and then did a double take] on a grocery shelf in Minnesota: Extra Mild Salsa), so I was very hopeful. I also broiled some buttered corn bread slices, made a fruit plate, chopped scallions and cheese for additional garnishes, and concocted a bursting-with-fresh-vegetables salad — and then sat back and crossed my fingers.

And they loved it!!

Of course, I used only a third of the packet of taco seasoning, to protect my princess's tender tongue, which meant that the soup tasted incredibly bland to me (I'm the girl ordering extra jalapenos with her enchilada plate), but I can always add some chipotle pepper or something; my girl enjoyed tacos without tears; that's all that matters.

And now that the ice has been broken, I'm excitedly contemplating the next soups I can introduce. Broccoli and cheddar? Kielbasa and kale? Leek and potato? We shall see!

Tomorrow I was supposed to have lunch with a friend but she canceled, so I get to enjoy a weekday lunch date with Husband — such a special treat! We've narrowed it down to seven restaurants, though I suspect what he'd really prefer is some afternoon delight and a PB&J, whereas I think I want sushi. Oh, Mars, Venus, will you ever speak the same language?! Hee.

I had a satisfying dinner and now I'm done eating for the night. (I'm going to repeat this a few more times, especially since I know there's good ice cream in the freezer. But I'm psyched to have those five pounds off, and I want to keep up my momentum. Done eating! Done eating! DONE!)

xx Lady C


  1. OK. What do you want?
    Yellow split pea with ham, caramelized onions and thyme.
    Katie's vegetarian Beanbag Soup.
    Golden Soup (only good during summer).
    or my Amazing Butternut Squash-Mango-Curry Soup.
    All are popular with our sons, who aren't major soup fans.
    And all come with my famous roast chicken recipe, which staved off hunger many times here at Chez Watts when I had to work late, since it's so easy I could call home and ask whichever boy answered to make dinner.

    1. Oh, yum! I have both your Golden Soup and your roast chicken recipes (which are delightful), so the others would be great. Thank you! (*I* will like them, even if my dopey kids don't!)

      How are you doing with your own resolution, dear one?

  2. That sounds delicious! All of them do! You should post recipes! :-)

  3. Oh honey, I got off to a lukewarm start but now, surprisingly, I'm going gangbusters. I've dropped three pounds and I had forgotten how absolutely terrific and energized I feel when I (a) exercise (not just walk) and (b) Stop Eating Sugar! Yeah, I can get hungry fast when there's not much fat, but I know how to deal with it -- ignore it. Have a glass of water or some tea or an apple. The up side is: no headache, no depressing "what a loser I am" anti-pep talks to myself, but vibrant and cheery. I really like myself when I (apologies to Nike) Just Do It -- stop coming up with excuses for why I'm not doing it. It's SOOOOO much EASIER!

    Will pull together soup recipes from wherever they're hiding but now it's time to go review a theatrical piece -- this mad social whirl. From copy-editing all afternoon to watching a musical revue this evening to an art show opening tomorrow! Makes me breathless. But a thinner breathless.