Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You Are What You Eat (Lard Lass)

Zumba was less fun tonight, I got tired very quickly and felt quite old and breathless and out of shape — which I attribute to two things: (1) Despite the "busy-ness" of my weekend, I haven't actually exercised since last Wednesday, and (2) I've been eating doughnuts, doughnuts, doughnuts, plus pizza and chocolate cake and a deli sandwich, and though I had a near-perfect lunch today of salmon, vegetables, and brown rice, my pre-zumba dinner was an enormous plate of cheese.

So — a learning.

Tomorrow I will eat right to keep fit and see if that affects how I feel during tomorrow night's zumba class. Right now, I feel a hundred years old. And cold. Old and cold. It's, like, 8 degrees here! Crazytown.

I've been hunkering down under blankets a lot. Yesterday I finished The Diviners, which was totally fabby (apparently it's Book 1 of a new series — yay, a new series!), and today I read The School of Essential Ingredients, something like that, which was okay, a nice little story with lots of good food in it. It's a busy week — I'm working on a project with my pal Zanzibar, I'm helping Ruth Doan MacDougall transcribe Snowy (sequel to my favorite book The Cheerleader) into e-book format, I may enter Amazon's Breakthrough Novel contest, I have a birthday letter to write to one of my besties, and I'm in a skit at church this weekend so need to memorize lines — but I don't have any paying editing work, second week in a row, which is very worrisome. Is it time to start looking for my third job???

I'll worry about that tomorrow.

Oh, and I just completed my fifth day of not drinking alcohol.

I do not think that temperance is the life for me.

OK! Time to soak my weary, aged bones in a hot bath, scented with cranberry bubbles, a gift from my darling friend Good Neighbor Anne.

Whole-grain cereal, fresh fruit, salad, soup, and lots and lots of water. Those are my watchwords for tomorrow. So it is written, so it shall be.


—Lady C


  1. Best of luck with the fruit and veg medley today! I am woefully out of shape and something must be done about that. But the Weight Watchers seems to be working - I lost a pound last week! It's not much, but it's 1/40th of my goal! You're an inspiration to us all, Lady C! :-)

    1. Honey, a pound a week is perfect! Weight Watchers is awesome - my favorite part is that you're eating real food that you fix yourself, so there's no big adjustment when you return to the "real" world. Good for you, you're doing great. And the lighter you get, the more you'll feel like working out and getting back in shape. Go, you!

  2. i swam today for an hour but then came home and had a chocolate lava cake and whipped cream for dessert. such is my life

    i still reading "wolf hall" i will be reading it forever.

    is your editing business offered online?

    we have 50 cows, 5 horses, 3 donkeys, 4 llamas and 3 chickens.

    bev's random comment for today

    1. Swimming and chocolate cake sound like perfect balance to me! If you were ONLY doing one or the other, then we should worry (Oh poor grim Bev vs. Oh poor lardy Bev). :)

      Totally understand re: Wolf Hall. I haven't even opened Anna K yet because I know that I'm entering a lifelong commitment, and I'm shy.

      Hmm, offering my editing online is a brilliant idea. I'm not even on Facebook. Must give this more thought. But thank you for the suggestion! Hmm....

      I covet your livestock, particularly the donkeys. If you get a new donkey, would you consider naming her Lady C? LOVE donkeys!! And I once kissed a llama on the lips, a fact that I thought would work better during games of Two Truths and a Lie, except that my besties know me pretty well, and one said, "OF COURSE you kissed a llama on the lips." Though it then led to a funny joke, because one asked, "Is that a one-L Lama or a two-L llama?" and Sexy Em said, "A one-L Lama is a holy leader, a two-L llama is a mammal, and a three-L lama is a fire in Southie." Say it out loud with your best attempt at a Boston accent and see if you get it. Oh, that wacky New England humor!

      Thanks for all your random comments, dear Bev!

      (I'm thinking of you so often, with your -20 weather. It's 4 degrees today, and I cry when I go outside. I'm sending you so many warm thoughts!!)