Thursday, February 28, 2013

And the Award for Best Lame-Ass Achievement Goes to...

Listen, I'll take what I can get.

Despite a lunch and dinner each comprising chicken and green salad, I did not lose a lick o' weight yesterday. I'm up by quite a bit, actually, three days in a row. Discouraging.

Also: I did not make it down to my basement, I did not retrieve my elbow-length gloves, I continue to pick-pick-pick, my hands are a mess. (This is not helped by winter-dry skin and fingernails that split and break; short fingernails make it easier to pick. I am awful.)

And: I thought I'd have time after my 2:45 doctor's appointment to try my new treadmill strategy (see below), but she made me wait almost an hour, then I had to stop at Trader Joe's, then I went to fetch Martini from Shrieki's house (usually he walks but it was pouring rain, windy, and cold yesterday, and I do have a heart — a big, giant, heavy heart, I bet that's where those extra pounds are coming from) and I wasn't home until after 5, when all I wanted was to sit with a glass of wine and read my mail and stare at the wall for a while.

So: Not a poster day for good health and weight loss, despite my best intentions. (And I've had worse days, for sure, but it wasn't what I'd hoped it would be.)


My wound is healed to the point where my surgeon says I may not need to see her again! I'm to make an appointment six weeks from now, just in case — "However," she says, "feel free to cancel it!" She also says that I can eschew my dork Band-Aid if I'm sure to keep my tiny wound slathered in Vaseline at all times. In other words, I can exchange one dubiously attractive look for another. I think I will stick with Band-Aid for at least another week.


I finished Anna Freaking Karenina!!!!!

Man, that was a long slog. The second half was much zippier, at least; I'd give it 3 stars out of 4. Tolstoy is such a man, though; the relationship I was most interested in was between Anna and her young son, and I really wanted to know what happened to the child after (spoiler!) Anna leaps in front of a moving train, as I imagined this would have, oh, some small impact on the boy. And the answer is . . . we dunno, Tolstoy never mentions him again, other than to say that Anna's cuckold husband takes Anna and Vronsky's daughter so now he's got both kids. Happy ending! (So not.)

Anyway. I'm glad to have read it and I'm fervently glad to be done with it! I will read light fun books this week (I've still got A Discovery of Witches and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Lorna Landvik's blow-job book and am enjoying them all), and then I'll grab The Picture of Dorian Gray, my next classic novel, for next week. I'm a month off on my planned reading, but my overseer is a kind and understanding woman, plus she's distracted by her own cuticles; I'm not worried.

Today is a new day, with no bad decisions in it so far. Let's see what I do with it!

—Lady C

p.s. Oh, right, my new treadmill strategy: Even though my outdoor walks are 2+ miles and take around 50 minutes, the idea of doing 2 miles/40 minutes on my treadmill fills me with dread, and I simply don't do it. (When's the last time I posted about walking on my treadmill? I'm not sure I've even done it in 2013.) So I've decided to change my goal. I will instead walk 1 mile, as fast as I can, and then I'll do other stuff: weights, core work, stretching, maybe even a couple of zumba songs. I am MUCH more excited about this and think that I'm likely to do it . . . though likely not today or tomorrow, which are both packed. Possibly Saturday, which already includes chores and a memorial service . . . oy. Busy times. But I will figure it out.


  1. I cannot slog through Anna Karenina - you're a better woman than I. And if you're looking for light and fun - Dragon Tattoo ain't it, m'dear. :-( I found it pretty traumatizing, actually, but that's just me. Literally everyone else loved it.

    Blow job book? Do tell.

    Best of luck with your treadmill! :-)

    1. Hee - I realized that right after I posted. I saw the movie of "Dragon Tattoo" and you're right, light and fun it ain't. But it weighs less than "Anna," so it's lighter in the literal sense... :)

      I'm a few chapters into the BJ book and there is no such activity so far, but it's early days yet. I'll let you know!

  2. Fun things to do on a treadmill:
    1. Read – OK, you have to walk, not run, but if your book is good you won’t notice the time.
    2. Watch TV – best if you with a DDR/TiVo - “Will walk for favorite TV shows” But you can also just move your TV and run during commercial.
    3. Talk with your wonderful friend as you walk. One of these days?

    1. These are GREAT suggestions, thank you! Except - wow, I am truly amazed by you people who can read on treadmills. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I absolutely can't do it - my walking rhythm goes all kerflooey, and I can't focus on the words; I get dizzy. And we also don't have a TV down there, and I don't use a laptop. BUT, I totally forgot about that nifty Bluetooth device you sent me, and I will try it this weekend. (What a conversation it will be, with me huffing and panting...!)

  3. OK. Exercise is not always fun. However, my own little oh-so-helpful observations include:
    1 - You feel GREAT after you do it (physically, emotionally, etc.)
    2 - Doing it first thing (i.e., in the morning) helps in a number of way: a-it is done and checked off the list, b-it has the added benefit of making you feel virtuous (which, in fact you are) and c - it makes you better able to stick to sensible eating for the rest of the day.
    3 - If you can't do it first thing make a plan and stick to it no matter what.
    4 - If you can't stick to your plan FIT IT IN some other time. Don't skip it.
    5 - Finally my favorite little observation: Exercise it is a guarantee. The pounds come off. Period. Done.

    1. You are wise and good. Also pretty and thin. Thank you for the most excellent observations!