Saturday, February 16, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Serious

I was just checking out some weight-loss and fitness blogs for inspiration, and I read a line that I am now completely in love with:

Every Good Decision You Make Is Changing You

Oh. Em. Gee. I LOVE this. So simple, so profound, so empowering!

The writer goes on to say:

You might not be able to see it yet on the outside, but every time you turn down processed food, drink a glass of water, go for a walk, or do any other healthy activity, you are changing your body on the inside. That is where weight loss starts — on the inside. True change happens internally.
Love. Love. LOVE!!!

Today is the first day of my kids' winter break, we have all sorts of fun plans, and I'm feeling celebrate-y, but my plan is to work out later, lift my new weights (we needed 3-pound weights, and I just found a cute cheap pair at Target), and see if I can figure out how to Skype so that Zanny and I can maybe Skype-zumba together, which she's been suggesting we do for, oh, the last 10 months probably. My dear generous crazy-extravagant friend just send me a trunk full of margarita fixings (as a thank-you for helping her with her dissertation), and she is such a dear wonderful friend, to show my appreciation I am going to whack my inner Luddite, face my loathing of all things technical, and go for the burn. It will be awesome. And I am very psyched to share my hot hot zumba moves with a besty.

Here are some of the plans that Mimosa, Martini, and I have for this week:
  • Learn how to make popcorn chicken
  • Try a new recipe for chocolate mousse (got a good one? Let me know!)
  • Go bowling at the alley in Needham that's supposed to be haunted
  • See the Oscar-nominated shorts and animated shorts
  • Visit the Mapparium
  • Eat at Lunch Box Diner (home of the world's best blueberry pancakes and Italian sausage!)
  • Master Wii Tennis and Wii Bowling
  • Make S'mores Cake from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook
So fun! I love doing stuff with my kids!

(Poor Husband, it is not his break, alas. But he's happy because he has a new computer. Gadget! Yay!)

Off to make some good decisions!

—Lady C, icon of determination and zeal


  1. what a great mantra and not only for weight lose. i love that positive practices like decisions and gratitude can yield such abundance.
    ps i almost bought smitten kitchen today

    1. YES. Exactly. I am so happy that it spoke to you too!

      Smitten Kitchen is pricey; look for it cheaper. But then it will be so worth it, just for the gooey cinnamon squares alone. Oh. Em. Gee. YUM.

  2. I agree with Bev. Words to live by! Enjoy your week with your younguns! :-)

    and what is Smitten Kitchen?!?

    1. We're two days in, and it's been hella fun so far. And yes, I love this mantra, and I'm delighted that you like it too!

      Smitten Kitchen is a fabby cookbook with fun and yummy recipes and BEAUTIFUL pictures. The writer is a cool broad like us with a sense of humor and a love of food. Check it out!

  3. I work at The Mary Baker Eddy Library and wanted to thank you for adding the Mapparium to your list of activities for the week. I also wanted to make sure that you knew about our FREE children’s programming (including a scavenger hunt, origami station, and mosaic worksheet) and free admission to the Library & Mapparium for youth up to age 17 until Friday. Hope to see you soon!
    (p.s. I also love the Smitten Kitchen cookbook & blog!)

    1. We had a wonderful time at your GORGEOUS place of employment today!! The church itself is stunning (I hope to look that good when I'm 100+), the Mapparium is beyond-words-cool, and we had great fun wandering the library and exhibits. My husband actually teared up during the Mapparium presentation -- it was so moving and beautiful.

      A truly lovely experience, all around!