Thursday, February 7, 2013

. . . And Then, For a Good Time, We Saw "Amour"!!

Egad! It is disturbingly easy to get out of the habit of blogging! I hope I didn't worry anyone — my cancer boo-boo is healing nicely and all is well; I've been buried under a ton of computer-related responsibilities, and I wilted at the idea of sitting here another minute, that's all.

In fact, on the cancer front I have great news: At my one-week check-up today, everyone oohed and aahed at how nicely I'm healing, and my surgeon says that she thinks I'm all set — no reconstruction necessary! No piece of cheek getting a change of scenery! Mother Nature is doing the work for us. I still have to check in with them on Valentine's Day and there are no guarantees, but she seemed pretty sure. So, two or three more weeks in my dork Band-Aid, and that's it! Sweet.

I had all these things to write about and now can't remember one of them. Possibly because I'm hungry.

The kids are dancing around like over-sugared monkeys; Boston is bracing itself for tomorrow's Nor'easter and we just got the exciting news that school is canceled! I'm delighted not to have my Math Practice meeting, I have so many things to catch up on:
  • Creating a listing of every single committee, working group, and entity that exists at my church. I'm now co-chair of the Leadership Development Committee, and part of getting people on the pathway to leadership is letting them know what their options and opportunities are. It's hard for me to believe that such a list didn't exist before, but it didn't, and there are tons of them — I'm up to nine pages! It's taking some time, but it's also been a fun and interesting exercise.
  • Comparing page proofs of Snowy to the original, getting it ready to become an e-book.
  • Editing my friend Zanzibar's doctoral dissertation.
  • Finishing the editing and proofreading tests that my potential new client sent — I am taking a ridiculous amount of time with these! But I really really really want this job.
  • Pulling together our tax documents, whee!
I've decided not to have an Oscar party; the timing isn't great, since I would have it on the 23rd and I'm emceeing a church event on the 24th; I cannot be hungover (which, given the cocktail consumption we all enjoy at said party, is a likely possibility). I'll also still be sporting my dork Band-Aid, and seriously, how can I get my glam on with a Band-Aid in the middle of my face?? But I'm giving serious thought to a post-Oscar-post-prom party and inviting both my bestys and my Glam Posse from church, which I think would be super fun. It's still in the idle speculation stages (I plan cocktail names as I drift off to sleep . . . Zero Dark and Stormys? Life of Pi-Napple Daiquiris? Beasts of the Southern Comfort?), so don't put it on your calendar yet, girls. But stay tuned!

And yes, I did see Amour with Mimosa. Brunie was going to join us, but three centimeters of snow were expected, so, of course, she had to hide in her closet. (Hee. My friend is intrepid and fearless in social situations, but snow is her nemesis [say this with an especially sibilant hiss].) I e-mailed her later: "Amour was a BLAST. My God the nonstop action. I wet myself. Spoiler: So did the lead actress." (Sorry if I ruined it for you.( It's a truly harrowing film, though exquisitely well-made and well-acted. Emmanuelle is my new pick for Best Actress — she is astonishing. Though I also saw Zero Dark Thirty, and Jessica is also wonderful. And I loved Naomi. And Quvenzhane. Wow, strong year!

OK, I've been sitting here way too long, the words are not a'flowin' today, so let me close with this:
  • Zanzibar and I are supposed to be doing Boot Camp this month, but I can't seem to get my head in the game while I'm still healing from this stupid surgery and can't exercise. I'm maintaining my loss, nothing is creeping back on, and that is huge — but still. I'd love to lose the next 10, and I'm dismayed that my strong wishes are not enough to make it happen. I forgot to ask my doc today when I can resume exercise, so I will e-mail her as soon as I post this.
And this:
  • Happy birthday (four days late) to my dear friend Good Neighbor Anne! I met her 14+ years ago, right after we moved into this house, and I instantly knew we'd be bosom chums. (Coincidentally, on the day we met I also saw her bosoms, as she was nursing Angel-Daughter. Possibly there is a connection.) Over the years she's moved from kind neighbor to sister-friend, and I am so happy that she is in my life!
I will now make a delicious pre-Snow Day dinner for the kids. What a wonderful feeling: knowing that the house is full of food and I don't have to go anywhere for 48 hours! (I'm successfully managing to ignore the fact that we have to shovel several feet of snow. La la la!)


—Lady C


  1. Welcome back, Lady C! I'm glad that you're healing up nicely! I haven't seen Amour because I heard it was wildly depressing. I'm not a big fan of wildly depressing movies, but I suppose I should get over this. All of your cocktails sounded wonderful. I would only add a Rob Royal Tenenbaums.


    1. Thank you, sweetie! Yep -- it was wildly depressing. I'm not sorry that I saw it, but holy cow was it dark. But also moving and beautiful. I *love* Rob Royal Tenenbaum! I usually try to stay with the current nominees, but perhaps I'll have an "old favorites" category.

      My all-time favorite was the year of The King's Speech; I made a huge bowl of non-alcoholic fruit punch, which I called "The King's Peach," to which you could add champagne for a "Bubbling Bertie" or vodka for a "Vodka Colin Firth." I am a cocktail-naming genius! :)

  2. I have to say, I just read your comment on the Blogess and had to click on your link because I thought the 'teachable moment' thing was so cool! (The one about the rabbit head on a human body.)

    1. Thank you so much! It truly was a fabulous moment, watching it all come together (and my kids know and love The Bloggess, so that was a nice connection too). Sylvia Plath, The Bloggess, and the wonders of eBay -- what a world we live in.

  3. I am so happy that you are healing naturally and beautifully, as utterly befits you! Very impressive!

    1. Thank you, my inspirational friend! I adored the card you sent me, and in fact "write to Kathy" is at the top of my list for today, so look for a personal e-mail from me soon. My goal and dream is for skin as beautiful as yours. :)

  4. Very glad you are healing and feeling well, Lady C.! Hope you all are having fun on our Great Blizzard weekend!!! -- SDF

  5. Right back at you, sweetie! Hope to see at the Valentine's Tea - let me know if you need a ride.

  6. Should be getting a ride with Deb and George, but thank you!!! Very much looking forward to seeing you! - SDF