Tuesday, February 19, 2013

If the Academy Would Just ASK Me!

After absorbing the brave and inspiring words of my new mantra (Every good decision you make is changing you) I promptly made a series of decisions that definitely were not good for me from a weight-loss and physical health perspective, but oh sister were they good for my mental health!

Yesterday I saw two moviesDjango Unchained (yowza!) and a feature comprising all the Oscar-nominated animated shorts (which are magnificent  — see this if you can!) plus a few more notable animated shorts, and this was great fun, but I washed it all down with half a giant tub of popcorn, a blue Slushee, some Peanut M&M's, and some Twizzlers. And a coffee. And dang me, it was good!

And then my nerves were all a'jangle after Django (hee!), even though we got home late enough that I might've eschewed dinner and gone straight to bed, instead I fed my giddy with an artichoke (plus mayo), a chicken pattty, some pita chips, some olive tapenade hummus, a handful of potato chips, and the rest of my M&M's, then went to sleep without brushing my teeth or washing my face or cleaning my wound. Three hours with Quentin Tarantino and I'm a mouth-breathing slattern, make of that what you will.

The only exercise I did was a fast jog-in-place in my kitchen while my artichoke heated, since I was freezing and couldn't warm up. (I'm sure it worked off at least a Twizzler.)

Django is simultaneously (a) tons of fun (Don Johnson! Lee Horsley! stirring theme song and tender love theme!), (b) well-acted and well-written, to an almost absurd degree, and (c) horrifyingly violent. It's not for all tastes; I had my hands over my eyes a number of times. But I love what an infectiously joyful filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is, and I do recommend it.

Anyway! Having seen everything, I'm now ready to pick the Oscars:
  • Best Picture: Argo
 Argo has it all: fantastic script (maintaining white-hot suspense when we already knew the outcome — no easy feat), tight direction, top-notch acting from a cast comprising few household names, and impressive art direction. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have continued to think about it since. It's unlikely to win, given its director's absence from the nominees (my money's on Lincoln, a perfectly worthy contender), but I enjoyed it the most of all the films I saw this year — that and Flight. I'm giving Argo my Oscar love.
  • Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis and Denzel Washington (tie)
I know this is DDL's year and truly I'm fine with that, but I've been watching my sweet baby Denzel since A Soldier's Story and St. Elsewhere, and he has grown as an actor to an astonishing degree. I've never seen him do anything like he did in Flight; I was mesmerized by every frame. Both men have been showered with Academy love in the past, and it would be a joy to see these master actors share this award. And possibly make out a little. Oooh, baby.
  • Best Actress: Emmannuelle Riva, Amour
All the nominees were good, but this lady knocked it out of the park. I don't think her chances are great, but Oscar can surprise you (sometimes with those who deserve it, like Meryl Streep last year, and sometimes with those who decidedly don't — cough — Geraldine Page — cough). You never know.
  • Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained
I didn't have a real contender here before last night, I thought they were all fine, so I was going with Alan Arkin because I'd enjoyed his performance the most. Then I saw Django, and Mr. Waltz rocked my world. Again. He was amazing in Inglorious Basterds and he was likewise amazing, and 180 degrees different, in Django Unchained. What a talent! Give this man a leading role already.
  • Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables
Gotta follow the masses on this one. She broke my heart. Who ever would have predicted that our young Princess diarist would grow up to give us this Fantine?
  • Best Director: Steven Spielberg, Lincoln
He coaxed near-flawless performances from an enormous cast (I wasn't crazy about Sally Field, but everyone else batted a thousand), he held our interest through every frame of a story we all know by heart, and he made it all look beautiful, from a crowded Senate chamber to a presidential bedroom to a battlefield. He was certainly helped by a magnificent script and a leading man who is part chameleon, but still: Steven drove the ship, I give him mad credit.
  • Best Animated Short Film: Adam and Dog
They are all wonderful (go see them!), but this story of the first dog and the first man finding each other is not only magnificently animated, it is a sweetly profound commentary on connectedness that made me weep. I adored it.
  • Best Original Screenplay: Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained
 Fingers crossed! I love his acceptance speeches.
  • Best Adapted Screenplay: Tony Kushner, Lincoln
Every nominee in this category deserves the nomination, but I think Tony's script was exceptional.
  • Best Animated Feature: Frankenwenie
This is my weakest category as I saw only this and Brave, and I think the momentum may be behind the latter, but Frankenweenie was the stronger film by a mile.

Eek! Look at the time! Clearly I can talk Oscars till the cows come home, but I'm supposed to be at a 9 a.m. meeting, and (as you know) I haven't washed my face, brushed my teeth, or otherwise groomed in 24 hours. Time to hit the shower! With, like, an SOS pad and some elbow grease.


—Lady C, a filthy, filthy girl


  1. Mr. Lady Chardonay (aka Husband)February 19, 2013 at 9:33 AM

    Ah, my dearest wife, I completely and totally adore you -- but that was the House chamber we see in Lincoln, not the Senate.

    From your loving husband, the pedantic political scientist

    1. OH EM GEE, thank GOD I love you so much, otherwise *you are getting spanked*, you little pedant. Nobody likes the know-it-all boy, DOCTOR.

      (Um, meant to say: Sorry, Doctor! Sorry, Doctor!)

      xxxxxxxxooooooo and even more xxxxxxx's

  2. You dirty girl, you. Out of this list, I have only seen Brave. I adored it. Ok, I adored the triplet brothers the most. But it was quite good.

    I am ashamed that I have not seen the others. Shame me, Lady C. Shame me!

    But, if it makes you feel better, I forgot to brush my teeth last night as well. We dirty girls can unite.

    1. Honey. Honey! Grab Carter and take him to your favorite bar. Have a beer and a shot of bourbon. Then go see "Argo." And then you can have a coffee drink after and talk about the crazy hairstyles and fashions of the '70s, imagine me and Bev sporting both, and feel smug about your own sartorial choices. I have just given you a *fantastic* date night!!

      (You filthy girl.) :)

  3. I'm glad you liked Django Unchained and yes, the acting, plot and dialogues were ridiculously good. I was blown away by Jamie Fox. I had no idea he had it in him, this kind of acting I mean.

    No worries about the sinning. Food is just too good.

    1. If you asked me, I would say that I don't like Jamie Foxx. Then I think about "Ray," and that movie with scary killer Tom Cruise where Jamie was the taxi driver, and he was *fantastic* in both of those. I think maybe I don't like Jamie Foxx as a person (because, of course, *I know him personally*, ha), but he really is a good actor. And I agree, this was his strongest performance yet. And while I give all due props to Mr. Foxx, I also have to say: Quentin Tarantino gets *amazing* performances out of his actors. Who knew John Travolta had that performance in him before "Pulp Fiction"?

      Answer: Quentin Tarantino did.

      Sabrina, you're local aren't you? (meaning: in the Boston area) Come drink cocktails and watch the Oscars with me and Mimosa!! We plan to sin A LOT, if that's an enticement.

  4. i, like kate haven't seen any of the movies. first, i dislike movie theaters. i dislike sitting in a dark room with strangers with no control over anything. i find myself unable to pay attention to the screen and instead try to invent little lives for all the viewers. people find it uncomfortable when i'm caught staring at them. soooo you'll be my go-to gal for all movie info from here on in.

    and you and your husband should get a room!!

    1. Hee! Husband agrees.

      You might consider visiting Iceland, where staring at people is part of the culture. I was there for a week and completely startled by all these eyes boring into me, then I got used to it and stared right back. "Oh, look how normal that girl is being," I imagined them saying. (It's a great country and I loved visiting, just this one thing threw me, that's all.)