Monday, February 25, 2013

Me and My Baby Take In the Oscars

Mimosa and I had a blast last night watching the Oscars, every single fabulous cringe-worthy self-important overlong fabulous minute of it. The Oscars are made for people like us — movie geeks who love movies and love movie stars and love movie history and love spending several hours celebrating our geekhood. We put on our glammy Lycra dresses (hmm, maybe I don't mean Lycra — a stretchy clingy velourish material? is that Lycra?) and I piled my hair up and wore chandelier earrings, and we spread out a sheet on the family room floor and filled it with a dazzling variety of Oscar-worthy delicacies, and I broke out my fancy cobalt blue flutes and poured champagne (for me) and orange juice (for her), and we laughed and cheered and gasped and sang along and (we are geeks) teared up, constantly, and had so so SO much fun!

Other people get emotional and revved up about athletic events, but for me and my girl, this is the Super Bowl. This is the Olympics. This is what we get excited about. Potato, potahto.

And I'm mostly very happy with the results, and seeing all those clips made me really want to see a couple of those movies again, and it's all good.

In other news . . .

Today I took Martini in for his yearly check-up and (don't ask) found myself flexing my biceps for his doctor (who has known us forever, she is a peach), and then wondered: When was the last time I actually lifted weights? I think it's been a long, long time.

I have wandered so far off the path to weight loss and good health, I'm not sure I can find my way back to where I was. I may need to start a new path.

Husband is making similar noises of displeasure re: his own weight and health practices; he says that while he is very happy for me, seeing my good results is also depressing, since he knows it took me a year to get here (and of course I'm not even close to where I want to be) and will take him at least as long if not longer, and it all seems so hopeless. I encouraged him to go back and read the early days of my blog, when I vowed to maintain a good and positive attitude. This is going to be a hella long journey, and I simply have to have fun along the way or it will be unbearable and I won't stick with it.

And now it's time to listen to myself. I think when you get so far off track, "health" and "fitness" and "mindful eating" seem huge and hard and scary and foreign. I need to remember that I can do all of these things and that it can be fun.

Toward that end, I just signed up for a new and different zumba class; I'm still doing Tuesday nights with the Italian Spitfire, and I could do Wednesdays with her as well but I prefer to space it out a bit. And while I enjoy Sexi Danci Nanci's class, I don't feel like I get as good a workout with her as I do with the Spitfire. So now I'm going to try Saturday mornings with a new teacher, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., so I don't have to get up at dawn on a Saturday but I'm still home early enough to do my chores before lunch (we lunch late on Saturdays because of Mimosa's midday karate — such a busy family we are). It starts in two weeks, we'll see how I like it. Fingers crossed!

And Husband just signed up for Tai Chi, the first time he's done anything like this. He's looking forward to it, and I am very very proud of him for taking this first step. (It is so hard and discouraging to be at the very beginning! But the minute you take a step in the right direction, you're ahead of where you were, as inane as that sounds.)

Tonight I had soup and fruit salad and some veggies and a handful of nuts for dinner and I will have nothing but coffee before bedtime, with the aim of going to bed slightly hungry, a trick that was working well for me (and isn't that hard to do, really, as much as I HATE being hungry — once I'm upstairs for the night and my teeth are brushed and flossed, eating feels like work instead of something appealing). And tomorrow I've got zumba. I will aim to be back at my new lowest weight by the weekend (I keep gaining and losing the same five pounds, over and over and over — I'm living in a Joni Mitchell song), and then I will start in earnest on the next 10.

It is time!!!!

—Lady C, icon of zeal


  1. I applaud you, Lady C! And your husband! You're right - it's so discouraging at the beginning, but it gets better! I hope you enjoy your new Zumba class and that hubs enjoys Tai Chi (I've heard it's wonderfully grounding.)

    P.S. How did the elbow-length gloves work out?

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words, sweet girl! (Husband thanks you too.)

      OK, this may be a good illustration of my problem: All of my elbow-length gloves are in a drawer in our basement, which is down a flight of stairs...and I've been too lazy to go down there just to get gloves. So I'm still not wearing them and I'm still pick-pick=picking. Pathetic!!!! I have now shamed myself. Those gloves will be retrieved today!!!! Perhaps I'll wear them to my follow-up appointment with the surgeon; she'll be delighted. Dork Band-Aid and elbow-length gloves, I'll be quite the vision. :)