Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Smokin' Hot Leading Man

I'm pulling together some things for Lady Darcy's birthday package, one of which is the "Romance Rumble" that's running in our local paper. It's set up like a March Madness thing (though my use of sports metaphors is always suspect, so I could be up a very wrong tree here), where they pit two fellows together (say, Ryan Gosling in The Notebook vs. George Clooney in Out of Sight), people vote, and the winner advances to the next round (in that case, I believe it was Gosling, who faced off with either Heath Ledger or Johnny Depp). I did my own votes and am sending the ballot to Lady D to see what she'll do, but in the process I had to choose between Paul Newman and Daniel Day-Lewis, then Paul Newman and Clark Gable, then Paul Newman and Cary Grant, and each choice caused me physical pain. My Final Four were Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Denzel Washington, and Hugh Grant, and that, my friends, is a quality problem.

(Whom did I pick? Oh, I think you know.)

But I relayed the ordeal to Husband as he puttered about in the kitchen:
  • Me: Choosing between these four men is excruciating!
  • Husband: You went with Paul, right?
  • Me: Yes . . .
  • Husband: Because of all of his charity work.
  • Me: Yeah. That's exactly what I was thinking of.
  • Husband (long pause): I just made the blog, didn't I?
Yes, my dear little man. You did.

I love Paul because he is dazzlingly beautiful AND because he worked hard to be a good person in the world, he adored his wife and kids, and he was exceptionally good at his job. All of which can be said of Husband as well, particularly when he's had a haircut and is shaved and nicely dressed, not that I'm hinting or anything, sweetie-pie.

I didn't have a great track record with V-Day in my youth, because I tended to break up with people right before it. And one year at college I knocked myself out and made handmade Valentines for all my friends . . . and didn't receive a single one in return, which was humbling. But things picked up; one year that I didn't have a boyfriend and was dating widely and casually, I got Valentine cards and gifts from four beaux!! This was thrilling. (One went on to marry one of my best friends, so possibly I shouldn't be reveling in the fact that I had him first. She's had him longest, that's for sure. Trust me, we're all fine with this. They're a very secure couple!)

To my memory, Husband and I have never made a huge big deal of Valentine's Day (though when we first got together, he sent a box of long-stemmed red roses to me at my workplace, and I strutted around like Queen for a Day), but still: I like this holiday because I like all holidays — anything that jazzes up a nothing day and suddenly makes it all seem worthwhile. (Betty MacDonald, a writer I adore, said something like, "I like all holidays, any holiday, and the big ones like Thanksgiving and Christmas fill me so full of holiday spirit that I burst into tears just looking at a fruitcake," and that's pretty much true for me too.) Back in the day I actually used to decorate my house for Valentine's Day, but I don't go quite that far now. Still, I had Valentines for the kids and Husband waiting for them when they woke up this morning (I eschewed chocolate; instead, the kids each got a huge box of their favorite sugary cereal that I don't let them eat, and Husband got a six-pack of Diet Dr Pepper, his special drink), we will have a special dinner tonight, I made little Valentines for all my Math Practice kids, and it's going to be a fun day.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone feels enveloped in love and romance today, and you get a hot kiss from a special sweetie that knocks your socks off!

Love and xxs to all,
Lady C

p.s. Since I wrote of my awful, dreadful, inflamed and infected cuticles the other day, I have taken myself to task, tenderly cared for my poor hands, painted my nails a lovely shade of fawn, etc. etc., and they are healing and looking much better. Every time I get the urge to pick, I instead smooth in some more lotion — or put my gloves on, if I'm outdoors.

(Maybe I should start wearing elbow-length gloves? Trust me, most people who know me wouldn't bat an eye.)


  1. Yes to elbow-length gloves. A thousand times yes. (I already think of you in classic movie star terms. Which is, indeed, the highest of compliments.)

    Wishing you and your hubby (and family, as well) a most happy and love-filled Valentine's Day! xx

    1. Oooh-la-la, that is indeed a wonderful compliment! Thank you!

      Perhaps I'll try out elbow-length gloves at church this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. (Church will likely be my first outing. Wearing them while doing chores tomorrow just sounds sad.) :)

  2. I would choose Hugh Grant because he is not dead.

    1. Gosh but yer picky, woman!! (Hee.) Denzel isn't dead either, so you take Hugh and I'll take Sweet Baby D, and then we'll have a double date! You can wear your white sunglasses that match your white car, and I'll wear my elbow-length gloves, and Hugh and Denzel will be utterly bewitched by the wattage of our combined glamour. LOVE IT.

  3. I LOVE doing this! I should've known about this sooner! I used to do this when I was a teenager, cutting out movie stars' faces from magazines and deciding which was going to play the "lead role" in my story. I did it the exact same way! (It's going to be Ryan Gosling, by the way. Which is not fair because Johnny Depp definitely did not look his best in What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Don Juan DeMarco would've made a fairer choice, or Benny & Joon, or Pirates of the Caribbean even.)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. I love that you did this as teen! And I'm very happy for you and Mr. Gosling; it's unfortunate that I first became aware of him in "Half Nelson," because for me he's forever a drug-addicted teacher with a permanently runny nose. (But OMG was he hot in Crazy Stupid Abs!!!!!) And yes, total agree about Johnny Depp in WEGG, though he was very sweet in that movie. (I also liked him in Chocolat and Cry-Baby.) :)

  4. Lady C., you make every day a holiday, and holidays EXTRA glittery and fun for anyone who gets to spend time with you. Don't think we don't notice. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

    And I can relate to trying to change habits like the cuticles. I'm trying to change about a billion as we speak -- it's *hard*!!!

    Love, SDF

    1. You are the sweetest sweetie, and I'm so sorry not to see you this weekend! We must get together for tea or something -- it has been way too long. You are someone whom I knew wouldn't bat an eye when I show up for our next outing in elbow-length gloves. Be sure to compliment them! And I will compliment your fan. (Good lord, we are practically in Grey Gardens-ville now. Hmm.)