Friday, February 15, 2013

The Greatest Valentine's Day Sentiment EVER

I have no more words.

Lady C

p.s. OK, I have a few more words, but they're all unprintable. Martini just taught me how to play Wii Tennis, and it is the most irritating thing. "When do I swing?" I asked. He said, "Whenever you want to." What?? He says, "Instead of swinging, just wiggle your remote a lot. That will work." What??

Whenever he teaches me how to do something on the Wii, he says, "I'm afraid you're gonna get mad," and I say, truly meaning it at the time, "I promise I won't get mad," and then I promptly break my promise as my fury becomes legion. But I'm not mad at him, I'm mad at technology. Which shouldn't count. Right?

My right arm is very sore now, from all that wiggling — a common tennis affliction, I would imagine.

Also, my Mii is named Tatum. The Mii I created long ago (when Martini tried to teach me Wii Bowling, which was even less successful) is named Cher. They are very cute together.

p.p.s. Many thanks to Mr. Brunie for this heartwarming V-Day image!!

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