Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What Do YOU Picture When I Say the Word "Slug"?

I typed "feeling sluggish" into Google Images, and this picture came up. It is of course the perfect expression of what I'm feeling, and yet . . . really? Is this a common image for the term "feeling sluggish"?

Color me . . . surprised.

I have so much I could and should be doing, yet I can't seem to focus and finish anything. I'm on page 231 of Anna Karenina . . . the book I had planned to finish in January. I'm supposed to be doing Boot Camp this month with Zanzibar . . . which I'm barely doing (though I did think up a new exercise I want to try: doing all the games on Wii Fit. Martini promises to teach me Wii Tennis this weekend. I also requested Just Dance for Wii at the library. Still, I think "barely doing" is a solid description). I've proofed 100 pages of Snowy . . . and still have 200+ to do. I've got a bare-bones outline of the event I'm doing at church in two weeks, but there are still a billion details to work out . . . yada yada yada.

And nowhere in that list did you hear a mention of paying work, did you? I finally finished and returned both editing tests to my potential employer; now I can only wait. And hope. And pick at my inflamed, infected cuticles, the disgusting habit that I cannot seem to break and that is even worse in the winter when my skin tends to be dry and cracked anyway. I've started smearing Bag Balm on my  heels at night, at the recommendation of the Betsy-Tacy e-list, and I rub it into my poor hands as well, and I guess it's helping (though I'm not sure that it's dramatically better than Vaseline or any good lotion), but good Lord does it have a distinctive odor! It's not floral, I'll just say that.

But the point of the paragraph was supposed to be: I am freaking out about money again. For the first time in more than a decade, I didn't pay one of our credit card bills in full this month (Husband's ancient car needed $3K worth of work, and right after Christmas we just don't have it. What can you do). I tend to look to the universe for signs. Is the fact that I have so much less editing work a sign that I should be looking for a different job? Is the fact that a potentially lucrative new client just appeared on the horizon a sign that I should stick with editing but market myself more ferociously (which I truly hate doing)? I don't know how to read the signs!

Well, perhaps I should wait and see whether the potentially lucrative new client (a) decides to hire me and (b) is in fact actually lucrative as opposed to just potentially lucrative. That would be a much more clear sign!

Off to my post-zumba bath. I finished all my library books (except for Anna, which is too enormous to take into the tub), so I'm reading five books from my To Be Read bookcase (yes, there are so many of these, it takes an entire multi-shelf case to house them all): The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat and A Discovery of Witches and Tomorrow River (I LOVED Whistling in the Dark by this author) and The View from Mount Joy by Lorna Landvik (which Brunie was reading at the Betsy-Tacy Convention and kept referring to as "the blow-job book," a fact I passed along to its author Lorna Landvik, whom I met at said Convention and who roared at this description — Lorna Landvik is a seriously cool chick), and I'm enjoying all of them.

My weight was down-ish this morning (no new low to report — I keep gaining and losing the same five pounds), which shocked me, since I had abundant amounts of wine and cheese last night, but since tonight's dinner was grapefruit and hummus, plus I did zumba, I'm hopeful of a dazzling new number tomorrow. And then I must begin Boot Camp in earnest!

—Lady C, trying to get the feeling again


  1. Hang in there, Lady C! My weight loss seems to have plateaued and I know that stricter adherence to an exercise regimen is what I need to kick it back in gear. Btu I don't want to!!! I just want to lay in bed and watch Frasier!

    I can't tell you the last time I read. It's positively shameful.

    Best of luck with the lucrative job prospects! I'm sure you'll get it! :-)

    1. Aren't plateaus the worst??? I hear you, girl. Maybe while you're lying in bed watching Frasier, you could do some leg lifts? Just a thought.

      Frasier is so erudite and well-written, it's practically educational television. You totally get points for it.

      And thanks for the good wishes -- fingers crossed!!