Thursday, March 21, 2013

Every Bite You Take, I'll Be Watching You

Thanks for hanging in there with me while I raked up some old stuff — leading that zumba class triggered all kinds of things for me, I guess!

As I said, I will never see myself as an athlete, for many many reasons, but it is good to have a reminder that I am in fact an active person who is getting more and more fit every day. Last summer Good Neighbor Anne invited a bunch of us to join her for a 2K Run/Walk, and I laughed, saying, "You sent me this by accident, right?" and she grew very stern with me and said, "Lady C! You are walking 12 miles a week! You could totally do this!"

(I didn't, because I had a conflict. But it was very cool to have her point out that I totally could have, because I would never have thought of it on my own, believe me!)

In fact, I have in fact been quite active for many days now. Between zumba class and taking advantage of the warm weather to walk outside, and also doing my own zumba in my basement and lifting weights, I've been keeping plenty of sports bras in the laundry, believe me.

And I've lost nary a pound. I'm stuck at 251, for days and days and days now.

Exercise isn't hurting, of course, but clearly it isn't the solution. I need to go back to tracking my food and being a lot more serious about what goes into my mouth. I just logged today's food on Fat Secret (first time since last November! crazy) and readjusted my Daily Calorie Intake number, based on my new lower weight (that part was cool — though I'm stuck now and feeling quite fat and fleshy, I'm still so much lower than when I started, and that will always make me happy), and I shall become quite tunnel-visioned and focused — and extremely fun to eat with a for a week or so, I'm sure, till I get back in the habit. (Brunie and I are having lunch together on Saturday at a restaurant that's new to me, and I'm very "excited" by the Skin and Pork Rolls the menu offers. Skin of whom? one wonders.)*

They've secured a zumba instructor, so the Saturday morning class is a go, and I can also drop in on Sexi Danci Nanci's class any Thursday I want (or the Spitfire's Wednesday class), so that should be plenty of zumba, and even though it's snowing again the sun really is coming out, and I do love my outdoor walks. I will eat my yummy salads and my fruit and my turkey breast and my salmon and my hummus and my multi-twig fiber, and I will stick to my calorie limit, and I will start losing weight again. Spring is traditionally a good weight-loss time for me. All will be well.

See my good attitude? Isn't it shiny and pretty?!

Off to thoroughly floss my teeth — a good trick to keep me from eating anything else this evening.

Good night!

—Lady C

* OK, I'll put you out of your misery. The "skin" in the title is a potato skin.

But seriously — ew. Right??


  1. i have been catching up on your posts. i have been a bit of a naughty nancy and neglected you and i'm sorry for that.

    you my sweetie have the patience of a saint. i envy the peace you have found. i love my mom and accept the fact that ours will never be the relationship i craved but it's still a tough pill to swallow. good on you.

    i'm glad you're moving and eating healthy. again, you're in a place i'm not yet in - i want my cake and i want to eat it too. i'm still swimming 3 times a week and feel myself getting stronger but also hungrier. :)

    and i'm so serious about the editing but your price is too low - if you don't have paypal would you accept personal cheques or money orders???? let's chat. my email is

    stay strong xx

    1. Angel! I will e-mail you tomorrow. We are doing this!!!

      To me, the beauty of regular exercise is that you *can* have your cake. Swim, eat cake, dance around your living room, have a cocktail. Life is for *living*.

      The way you write about your mother is eminently sane, and I admire it so much. But oh do I hear you about accepting that the relationship you have is not the relationship you crave. Peace lies in that realization, but it never won't feel sad.

      (I would e-mail you right now, but I'm starting to yawn and wish to be at my best for our highly professional conversation.)

      Oh, and so you'll recognize me: My real name is Jennifer. Happy to meet you!


  2. Oh, flossing - how I hate thee.

    I'm glad you're feeling more positive! I've been more active too - due in large part to your inspiration! I haven't lost a pound, but I've lost a half inch off my waist. Go figure. I think it's the lack of wheat. My body must be saying, "Well, the poor girl can't eat wheat. At least we can stop trying to make her not lose weight." Because my body can be kind of an ass sometimes. I think.

    1. I have read *so many articles* lately about how exercise won't necessarily help you lose weight, it just distributes it differently, and that is definitely my experience. I'm kicking myself that I didn't take my measurements before I started all this, but I can tell that parts of my body feel very different. My knees are thinner and very solid. My stomach, while still sadly large and floppy, is nonetheless much smaller. Trippy!

      I'm thrilled to be inspiring you, and I howled over your body being kind of an ass. You do have a way with a quip, missy.

      And finally, a Wisdom Nugget from my dentist: You don't have to floss all your teeth, *just the ones you want to keep*.