Sunday, March 3, 2013

Going Down — Finally!

Every Sunday FatSecret e-mails me and invites me to weigh in. Since I decided a while ago that I would only report losses, not gains . . . I haven't weighed in in some time.

And as I've said, I keep gaining and losing the same five pounds, over and over — except this week three more crept on, and that was alarming. I'd gone up to 255.5, the highest I've been for a while, and the scale would not move, despite my best intentions.

But I think yesterday's walk really helped (and also it's Day 3 of my special ladytime; my weight always spikes at first then goes down), and this morning's scale reported a three-pound loss. Yay! And: about freaking time! (This, mind you, after a dinner of sausage and cake, though I had just one reasonable portion of each.) I'm still six pounds away from my last weigh-in (January 27), but still. It feels good to be moving in the right direction again.

Here's the thing: You can lose weight without exercising if you dramatically cut your calories. You are unlikely to lose weight if you only exercise and continue to overeat. I know that of the two, food choices make more of a difference (in terms of weight loss) than exercise choices. (My zumba teacher always says, "Great abs start in the kitchen.")

BUT: I don't want to dramatically cut my calories! That's been my thing all along. I want to figure out how I can lose weight and still eat the foods I like. What balance of smaller portions of the less healthy and larger portions of the more healthy (yet still delicious), and how many days of fun exercise, will allow me to reach and maintain my dream weight? That is what my approach has been about.

This cold winter has taken a toll on my good habits, but spring is definitely in the air. 

—Lady C, happy loser


  1. oh sweetie don't despair. i spend far too much time thinking about the size of my ass. imagine, feeling bad about my ass, at my age. i keep plugging away with swimming but the truth is i love to eat. maybe i'm just exercising so i can eat dessert without guilt.
    ps. i have been down with the flu for a bit, you've been blogging up a storm. i've got to catch up.

  2. I hope you're feeling better, dear Bev! Exercising so you can eat dessert without guilt sounds like a perfect life plan to me.

    Your cavalier use of the naughty A-word makes me think of a vignette from Math Practice last week:

    Me [to children sprawled on the table]: Three-two-one, sit on your bum!
    Princess A: Why are you saying a bathroom word?
    Me: You mean, bum?
    Princess A: Yes.
    Me: What should I say -- rear-end, hindquarters, posterior?
    [Children snicker and giggle]
    Princess L: You should say "wiener."
    Princess A: Nuh-uh, that's just for boys.
    Princess L [haughtily]: No it is not. It's FRENCH.

    Laugh, I thought I'd die. But I kept it in.

  3. That's why I joined Weight Watchers - it keeps me honest. I can eat everything I want, but I just have to visually account for it. It also motivates me to hit the gym. You'll find your formula, Lady C! But, as you said, you're in the right direction. And as you also said, any positive change is a change for the better....or something like that. xx

    1. Weight Watchers is the gold standard, for sure -- I had great success with it in the past. I keep thinking that I can do it on my own, though (and I keep being proved wrong). :)

      Logging my food on FatSecret is very similar, so I should probably aim to do that several times a week; if nothing else, it reminds me to eat *protein,* which is so important for energy and seems to be the thing I eat the least.