Saturday, March 23, 2013

Side by Side by Soderbergh

Just got home from seeing Side Effects with Brunie, and I have only one word: holycow. What a fun twisty movie!! I've been dying to see it since I first saw its preview seventy million months ago. I especially liked that the preview seemed to be about four different movies; I had no clear idea what this movie was about, except two hours of awesome. (The first shots showed some citylike buildings, and I whispered, "Okay, yeah, I've got the plot figured out now," and Brunie roared. Actually, Brunie roars at everything semi-funny I say, she is such a satisfying friend. A perfect Tib, except not daft.)

Other funny things:
  • I told a friend about Brunie's experience with yoga; she rented a video from the library and totally fell in love with it, though she thought it was strange that she was instructed to do the entire routine sitting down. Later her husband pointed out that the video was titled Yoga for People Recovering from Spinal Surgery. My friend said, "Yoga sitting down? Isn't that just . . . meditation?"
  • Brunie is always cold and I am always hot, so our outerwear frequently . . . differs. Today I pulled on my jacket and then waited patiently while she adjusted her layered garments and then put on a coat, and then a scarf, and then a hat, and then I swear to God another coat, and at this point I began to sing, "Feed the birds . . . tuppence a bag," and she hit me, because she has no self-control and doesn't appreciate an awesomely apt musical reference. But then later she bought me a super cutey square plate with poppies painted on it, so I take it all back; Bird Lady fashion is the new black, and if Mr. Blackwell says a single word to her, I will brain him with my cutey new plate.
I have faithfully logged my food for three days now, and today I dutifully logged my lunch: fried pickles, mini corn dogs, and multi glasses of cheap bad wine. But I also had a salad, sans dressing, so that is something.

And I'm still significantly under my calorie limit for the day! I will likely have a bowl of high-fiber cereal and a banana soon, then call it a night.

Three days of logging food, two days of eating less than my allotted calories, and I've still lost nary a pound. But I persevere . . .

Today was zumba with the new guy, and I totes love him! He's Armenian and young and bouncy, and his music is very loud, and I am old, and all three combined meant that I couldn't always hear or understand him, but he seemed to take a great liking to me and kept coming over to my corner (my preferred zumba spot is front-row left, and I get very territorial; yes, I will leave my spray if I see you sniffing around there) to murmur things to me, not a single one of which I understood. Once he gestured to a spot on his midriff and said "Something something something three something," which I think meant he was up till 3 a.m. or possibly that he'd had a threesome. Brunie suggested that he was asking me to join a threesome, which, oh dear, because my response to everything he said was to nod and smile sympathetically.

But it was a super-fun class, communication obstacles aside, because I speak the international language of zumba! Ha. No, because his routines are very sexy and dancey, but much more energetic than Sexi Danci Nanci's; I was a sweaty drippy quivery mess by 11:30, which is exactly how I wanted to feel. It's going to be fun.

Even if I'm not losing any weight, I'm continuing to sculpt and reshape my body. Seriously — I was smokin' in my zumba outfit today. Husband ran his hands up and down my taut waist and got very distracted. Now, I think it's been clearly demonstrated that Husband gets "distracted" watching me floss, but still. I felt viva cute.


—Lady C


  1. Mr. Lady Chardonay (aka Husband)March 23, 2013 at 8:51 PM


    *Could* I run my hands up and down your taut waist WHILE you floss? Can I pick the floss?

    But, seriously, all joking aside, and all that: "sculpted" does not even BEGIN to describe how incredible you look! You are absolutely, without any doubt, the very hottest thing on two feet (which may sound like I think that there MAY be someone out there recovering from spinal surgery who MIGHT be hotter, but that is most certainly NOT the case!)!!

    1. Honey, you're making people *blush*! (see below) Calm down, now. :)

      I am howling over the hotties recovering from spinal surgery. You a funny man, mister.


  2. You're so dedicated! Good for you!

    And I'm blushing after reading Mr. Chardonay's comment. You vixen, you. :-)

    1. Only a true friend would read that I ate fried pickles and mini corn dogs for lunch and respond with the word "dedicated." You are the BEST, girlfriend! (they were MINI corn dogs! Hee.)

      I truly love zumba. I've done other things in the past that I liked fine, but this one I truly LOVE. I think that that is key. Which, duh. But every person has to find their own love, right? As much as we would like to choose it for them.

      My husband is looking at his wife through rose-colored glasses, I assure you, but I will nonetheless begin referring to myself as a vixen forevermore, starting now.

      xx The Vixen