Monday, March 4, 2013

The Facts of Life, How They Oft Sucketh

Despite my best efforts, I am not yet thin. Dang it.

Yesterday I took a walk and lifted weights and did wall-push-ups; today I have very sore armpits (but oh how fit they will be! the envy of every flabby armpit gal in New England!) and lost nary a pound.

And I am crampy and bloody and expelling tiny clots that look like chunks of raw liver, sorry, I know this is disgusting, but that's what I'm dealing with. So now you know.

And my Math Practice kids were little pissheads again, and I grow weary of them.

And I finally broke down and wrote to the potentially lucrative client, trying not to whine, and asked so nicely, so politely, when I might hear from them? Answer: Probably not for several months, they are just so so so busy with their big important work. (She said it graciously, though.) So even if I do get this job, it won't help me any time soon.

But: We had a lovely healthy dinner, cooked by me and Mimosa — salmon and asparagus and green salad and apple salad and yeast rolls, and I ate lightly and drank lots of water and will not have anything else tonight (except coffee, of course).

And last night I met the parents of the kids I'll be teaching UU sex ed to starting next Sunday, and they were great, and I adore my co-teacher, and it's going to be a blast.

And even if I haven't lost any more weight, I feel like I'm back on track.

And I just had a lovely chat with Zanny, and we're planning a road trip to Toronto (SO. MUCH. FUN. I hope it happens!!), and that was cool.

And spring is coming.

And tomorrow is another day.

And now I'm going to sink into hot bubbles and read one of my three good books and embrace my bottle of Motrin and my Super-Plus Tampax Pearls, the greatest feminine hygiene product ever invented. Most of the time I love being a girl, but every 21 days . . . man, having a functioning uterus sucks.

—Lady C


  1. Bless you, lady. I know the feeling.

  2. Good Neighbor AnneMarch 5, 2013 at 4:22 PM

    OK. Along the line of good news/bad news:
    1 - Even though having your special lady time might suck, NOT having it is NO picnic. TRUST me on this one.
    2 - Even though we are getting another snow storm, we turn the clocks forward this weekend which means it stays light later which means walking outdoors later in the day is possible!!
    3 - Even though they are two inches away from piles of snow (and will soon be buried by snow) I already have flowers blooming in my front yard. Snowdrops. They are lovely and you should come see them (soon - - before they get buried!) ;)
    Hang in there!

    1. Oh, I hear you, I do. Mom has entertained me for years with tales of hormone replacement (she has a patch; some mornings Dad wakes up wearing it). And yes, I am wicked psyched about longer sunny days (it's already happening!) and walks at dusk. And shoveling is good exercise! I will come by and see your snowdrops today -- and maybe catch a glimpse of YOU, my phantom friend. I miss you! xx