Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Well, That Pisses Me Off

It's the end of an era in these parts – the Panera Bread at the bottom of my hill, my source of a quick tasty meal, a favorite breakfast sandwich, three different delicious scones, yada yada — is closing. Today was their last day, and we decided to get our dinner there — we and the rest of Arlington Heights. It was rather entertaining, reading the list of what they'd already run out of: avocados, feta, field greens, artichoke spread . . . the local Yuppies ate well today!

Since I had zumba, I ate a lightish dinner, a Spinach Power Salad (I'd never had it before; I'm a fan of their Greek salad, but they were out of it . . . ! And it wasn't that great, I'm sad to report), a small bag of chips, and a chocolate walnut cookie.

And, as you know, I'm faithfully logging my food these days, so I just went to tally today's calories. And almost fell out of my chair.

The freaking cookie had as many calories as the salad, which contained bacon, frizzled (meaning: fried) onions, chopped egg, and an oil-based dressing! Four hundred and five freaking calories!!!

And it put me over my limit today by about 20 calories, which also irks me. Panera does a good job of listing the calories in all of its entrees, but I don't think it does so for its baked goods (or not visibly from where I was standing, anyway). I rarely buy a cookie there, sweets aren't even my thing, but today I did it mostly for nostalgia. And now I am nostalgically kicking my own butt.

For my height and weight and (moderate) activity level, Fat Secret says I can eat 2200 calories a day and lose a pound a week. I've logged my food for six days straight; I can't say that I'm eating all that healthfully (see: fried pickles, potato chips), but for the most part I'm staying well within that calorie limit (and doing well at reaching my personal daily goal of 25 grams of fiber). My exercise goal is a minimum of 20 minutes a day or 140 minutes a week; I'm easily hitting that with my twice-a-week zumba and at least two long walks. (Yay! Love the warming weather!!) So I would say that I'm doing quite well and hitting my own goals.

And I haven't lost a single pound. I'm as stuck as I was before.

In terms of weight loss, does my body honestly know the difference between half an order of fried pickles and a big salad with salmon and edamame on it, if their calorie counts are exactly the same? Obviously, my body will function differently after each of those meals, but shouldn't the caloric math problem give you the same result? I don't know.

Anyway — I will keep on keeping on. What else can I do?

I'm in the middle of a trillion projects right now, and I'm so tunnel-visioned I can only think about and work on one at a time, so I fear that everyone I'm working with thinks I'm ignoring them if it doesn't happen to be "their" day — but that's how I have to roll, otherwise I go nuts. Here's a peek at what's on my plate:
  • Helping to transcribe Snowy (sequel to my all-time favorite book The Cheerleader) from typewritten pages to e-book format, which is bringing up all sorts of fun questions, such as "Which words should we cap in the phrase 'Saran-Wrapped fudge'?"
  • Reading and critiquing the 450-page novel written by one of my writers group friends before our next meeting (fortunately, it's quite good)
  • Putting the finishing touches on the list of committees and groups at my church (new groups keep springing out of the woodwork, this thing will never be done)
  • Helping to finish the Policy Handbook for my church before April 9
  • Starting to make calls to potential leaders in my church, as part of my Leadership Development Committee responsibilities — this is our hot time of year; we need to come up with five good nominees for the Parish Committee, our governing body, before our Annual Meeting in May
  • Preparing my lesson for the next OWL class
I've also had an enormous pile of books in my dining room since January, which I mean to sell online, and I want to thoroughly clean the house and maybe put out some Easter decorations before Sunday, and I have to pull together a nice birthday package for my nice sister-in-law, and I really really really need to upgrade the operating system on my computer, and I have a new work project to move forward with that I'm excited about . . . busy busy busy.

But no paying editing work at the moment, just four jobs floating in the ozone that could materialize at any second. So it's good to get all this other stuff done now, while I technically have the time.

I'm also doing some data entry for my Math Practice boss, and she asked me to take on another project: writing a guidebook for teachers with an overview of what we Math Practice Guides are doing with the kids. I would adore to do this, and she said she thought of me for it right away, which was cool.

I'm still mad about that cookie, though.

Off to the tub. I have three excellent library books to read, and when I finish those I'll start my next Improving Work: Frankenstein.

It just fits my mood.

—Lady C, mutter mutter


  1. I HATE that about Panera! And don't even get me started on their bagels! Holy calories! Don't fret about the cookies. I stress-ate almost half a bag of Kettle chips yesterday. And by "almost" I mean "literally." Le sigh.

    But health is important, even if we don't see progress! It sounds like you have a very full plate - best of luck with the to-do list! :-)

    1. I remember looking up the calorie count of their Greek salad and being FLOORED by the number of calories in the dressing!!! Maybe it's best that they're not right at the bottom of my hill any more. But I will miss them, and the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich (cilantro hummus! sport peppers!) and the breakfast sandwich with sun-dried tomatoes and pesto... Sigh.

  2. my god woman, you're a manic. i think you just burned off 10 cookies typing your to-do list. slow down - you'll get wind burn. but don't forget about me

    ps. i finished wolf hall. yay

    1. OMG, you finished?! That is awesome!!!!

      (Don't hit me. Do you know there's a sequel? Don't hit me!)

      I promise that you are a starred item on my list and I won't forget you!!!! But it might be a few more days. Sorry, these are crazytimes, but this too shall pass.

  3. Did you read this about calories? Watch the video too. Totally fascinating! http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2013/02/20/172403779/calorie-counts-fatally-flawed-or-our-best-defense-against-pudge?ft=1

  4. WOW. That is fascinating and actually makes sense.

    But I am doomed.