Monday, April 1, 2013

It's Raining Something, All Right

Long time no blog, I know. Sorry about that! But rather than men, it's raining work work work on me, and I am caught in the unexpected downpour feeling somewhat stupefied. My little employment star is suddenly on the rise in a big way, which is thrilling, of course, but overwhelming as well — I look at what I have to do and the time available to do it, and all I can do is laugh. If only I could twitch my nose like Samantha Stephens and have it all be done . . .

So, remember that potentially lucrative job I applied for? I can't remember if I ever said what it was, but I took an editing and a proofreading test in order to be considered as an editor/proofreader for the Penguin Group, a big publishing company. And they finally got back to me, this weekend, and offered me a job! I will be proofreading a giant Clive Cussler manuscript, an author I've never read but have certainly heard of, so this is rather thrilling. Somewhat less thrilling is their hourly rate for proofreading, which is less than half my usual editing rate, sigh. I assume they'll pay more for editing, when and if they have me do that, but will they pay as much as I usually make? Is this a step forward or not?

Still, being a Penguin editor is pretty cool, n'est-ce pas?

And then I was contacted by someone I don't know who asked if I could take a 40-page dry academic manuscript and turn it into a lively and interactive piece for a website. Could I? Sure? Maybe?? I've never done this before, but it seems like something I could do. (And the preceding dialogue with all the question marks is one that only appeared in my head; to the Someone I Don't Know, I said, Sure! Of course! Happy to! I am all exclamation points and confidence with my clients, believe me.)

And I still have one more editing job to finish of the three that materialized last week (I got two done over Easter weekend — I hate working on weekends and holidays, but short of a Samantha Stephens nose twitch, what can you do), plus a fun job for my sensational blogging friend Bev, plus the book my Math Practice boss wants me to write . . .

Yeah, I'm not going to think about any of this right now. I just finished a job, six hours of sitting at my computer, and I'm going to go stretch and maybe take a hot bath or maybe just go right to sleep; either seems possible (and Mimosa's currently hogging the tub; she says that tonight's karate class comprised a lot of urchins crawling all over her, and she's bruised and sore. Maybe I don't understand karate?).

All sorts of fun goings on this weekend, including a night of drinking and games with Brunie (and a special guest appearance from Superdad), which resulted in my sweating tequila at zumba the next morning and getting the lady next to me tipsy, but I'm wilting rapidly and need to step away from this infernal screen now. Peppy life news must wait for another day.

—Lady C

p.s. I just canceled my "final" appointment with my Mohs surgeon. My enormous gaping nose wound is now smaller and less noticeable than the chicken pox scar I've sported on my forehead since age 5. I'm declaring myself healed.


  1. Mr. Lady Chardonay (aka Husband)April 1, 2013 at 9:51 PM

    Wow! You are in fact SO CURED that I had forgotten all about it! Your sweet face just looks perfect! I'm sure YOU still see something scar-like, but I certainly don't, and I doubt anybody else does.

    Of course, you will point out that for me to forget about something, or not notice something, is not exactly an uncommon event, but still....

    1. You are hilarious. My scar is definitely visible; you have forgotten that you need new glasses. I say this with love. :)

  2. Congratulations on being a Penguin editor! That's such fantastic news!!! I bet you're just tickled pink with pride - as you should be!

    And also congratulations on the scar being totally healed! I know exactly what that is like from my own, shall we say, extraction.

    Grand things are coming your way!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I am quite thrilled with this new client and have been dropping it into conversation whenever possible. It does seem to impress people (which is pretty funny, since the work I did for them this week was super easy - I always call jobs like this "monkey editing").

  3. ah, he is so cute (your husband). i am so happy for you. i shall inform all the penguin books in my house of your rising star. i will also eat something for you, if you don't want to cheat - just say the word. remember to take time to smell the spring air and pat yourself on the back. xx

    1. Thank you, angel! I "smelled the spring air" (it was sleeting yesterday) by cutting bare forsythia branches and forcing them to bloom in my warm living room, which they are now doing. 'S lovely. Please eat a doughnut for me, and invite all your penguin books to the party. I'll be in touch very soon!