Monday, April 29, 2013

When "Taking a Break" Becomes "This Is How I Live Now" . . .

OK. I've had my little blogging break, while I dealt with the pile o' crazy that my work life has become, but it's time to get back to it.

Let's start with the weight-loss news:


And now the weight-gain news:


And that is something. I was moaning about my months-long plateau to a lady at church (she's kind of a crank, but I knew she's doing Weight Watchers and would sympathize), and she cheered the fact that I hadn't gained any weight back — like, she was actively excited for me! I was quite touched — and she said, "Your body really doesn't want you to lose weight. You have to fight it," and I said, "Yeah, my body's kind of a jerk," and she roared.

Bride Boy came and went in a whirlwind of awesomeness. I had a handful of besties over for a yummy dinner and scrumptious cocktails and a selection of my favorite games, and it was a night for the history books. In a flurry of thank-you e-mails the next day, Bride Boy wrote:
That was exactly the night I fantasized about when I told Lady C I wanted to meet some of her friends.  
He loved my other friends, they loved him, it was just a fabby groovy awesome time.

He also came to zumba with me (and told the Italian Spitfire what her blog name is — she didn't bat an eye), and when the Spitfire asked how long we've known each other, we both went slack-jawed and stupid and said, "Uhhh . . ." but we did the math later and realized: 24 years. Crazytown!!

And my employment star continues on its crazy rise — clients are coming out of the woodwork to request my editing, and I'm now booking into June. So — is this the sign I was looking for?!

And I'm zumba-ing two days a week faithfully, but if I continue to be gainfully employed and we get all our bills paid and I make a significant dent in what we owe on our home equity line of credit (remember my adventures with Neerja, back in the day?), then I will . . . well, probably think seriously about a new car, since my 15-year-old is beginning to wheeze and sigh a bit when I start it in the morning, plus replace our hideous couch, plus buy some pants that fit me since I'm down to one pair, but then I will add two more zumba classes to my repertoire.

There's so much more to say, but I did three editing jobs today plus Math Practice plus a handful of church calls, and I am fading fast. Bathtub calls!!

I will return to regular blogging now, even if it's just short newsy bites. Promise!

—Lady C, bathtub-bound

p.s. Check out my guest post on Kate Nested's blog!


  1. thanks, doll! And thanks again for the opportunity to guest on your blog. What a fun, erudite crowd you attract!