Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Finding Joy Pockets in a Sea of Crazy

Work work work, it's all I know, it's all I do, but I keep on keeping on — and every day, there are random bits of happy to break up the monotony of sitting in front of my computer, reading, correcting, rewriting, accepting, day in, day out. For example:

Last night I'd planned to make my usual Perfect Chicken and I was going to concoct a quinoa salad with olives and feta to go with it, but I couldn't find my quinoa anywhere. This got me rummaging through my chicken recipes . . . and I ended up making the most fabulous Greek chicken and pasta dish, with Penzey's yummy Greek Seasoning and grape tomatoes and mushrooms and scallions and mild green olives and a crazy-good lemony sauce, and I sprinkled feta on top, and I LOVE finding a new recipe!!

Today I had my Math Practice kids create their own story problems, and my Princesses and Littlejay made up adorable stories about dolphins and puppies and cupcakes, and then it was Glum Albie's turn. Here is what he came up with:
There were ten ninjas. Five of them DIED. How many were left?
I laughed for a year.

Tonight at zumba the Italian Spitfire asked me what I wanted for a cool-down song, and I picked "Feeling Good" by Michael Bublé, which is such a sexy song to dance to, your hips start bumping and grinding on their own, I swear. But she couldn't get it to play at first so I started singing it, and the lady next to me did a double take and said, "You sound just like him."

Ladies and gentlemen, I am Michael Bublé.

During my shower this morning, I could tell that my face and my knees are noticeably thinner — I could feel bones closer to the skin than usual. I haven't lost a lick o' weight, I'll be holding at 250 till the cows come home, but by golly you should see my slender knees and cheekbones.

My fingernails are painted like little strawberries — bright red with tiny black dots, and green stems on the tips. (Mine are cuter than this picture — the stem is much thinner and more graceful — but it gives you the idea.) Now, is the cuteness keeping me from picking at my cuticles?

Ha ha ha ha. A cuticle-picking ceasefire is not one of my joy pockets, I fear.

Right now, my immediate future is bright with exciting possibilities, starting with finishing my delicious Starbuck's coffee and taking a hot shower (I am SO sweaty and gross. During our slinky cool-down, I bent down to stretch my calf and a big drop of sweat fell in my ear. Sexy). Also cleaning the cat box, but we'll skip right over that.

And then . . . shall I watch the last three episodes of The Middle, a show I thoroughly enjoy and always forget to watch and am finally catching through the miracle of Netflix?

Or shall I read either of my two excellent library books?

Or shall I watch one of the movies I brought home from the library today — Notting Hill or Stranger Than Fiction or Shutter Island?

Or shall I do the Sunday Globe crossword puzzle, a treat I look forward to all week?

Exciting options abound!

—Lady C, feeling good

p.s. Sending many prayers of love and support to Good Neighbor Anne, who has two parents in various medical facilities at present; to Lady Darcy, whose husband is undergoing a variety of medical procedures; to Arty Jenny, who's got a brand-new knee, which I will visit tomorrow; and to my dear awesome Brunie, who's auditioning for Jeopardy! this week !!

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