Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Know I Should Go, But Dang Do I Want to Stay

Husband went grocery-shopping today and got almost everything on the list, but the store didn't have clementines. "No worries," I chirped, "I'll take a little after-dinner walk, stretch my legs, and get some at Trader Joe's!" I've pretty much been in this chair all day, either working or e-mailing or making phone calls in my new role as church power broker — oh, the deals I have spinning . . .

So I need to move, for sure. And dusk is my favorite time to walk.

But Husband also brought me a PEOPLE magazine, and there's just a little cold white wine left in the bottle, and I'm exhausted, as I always am by this point in the day . . . sitting with my feet up before good Wednesday night TV sounds attractive beyond words.

Oh, well. I'm not Catholic but I've got guilt to burn, so off I go.

But first I'm blogging, because I am just that dutiful.

(And I will do anything to keep from climbing Heart Attack Hill, apparently. Bride Boy was extremely scornful of my hill, though he never actually walked it; we simply drove up and down it 25 times, while I pointed out how steep and endless it really is, while he scoffed and mocked and made sport. Well, he's young and fit and runs marathons and all, maybe it really did look like nothing to him.)

(I'm missing him; a week ago tonight we were eating artichoke dip and laughing uproariously. But he left me a little something-something, a lingering raspy cough that refuses to [a] turn into a cold or [b] go away, and now Mimosa is complaining of a sore throat, which is awful because she's singing with the high school Pops this weekend, so please send us good healthy throat thoughts.)

Sending a shout-out and much love to two birthday girls: KT in California and Sleepy Susan Kerry here in Massachusetts! I hope your days were full of joy and delight, and also maybe pie.

OK – off to scale Cardiac Crest on a quest for clementines. Also butter and chicken patties and edamame hummus. O how I adore Trader Joe's.

—Lady C


  1. I LOVE Trader Joes. I love it so much that it is a pre-requisite for anywhere I move. Because I'm not at all ridiculous.

    1. Honey! Some people want to live near good schools, "for the children." You want to live near a Trader Joe's, "for the tummy." This is way reasonable and not ridiculous at all.

  2. Thank you, Lady C! Though now JK is no longer mine, he belongs to the WORLD! For my birthday, I declare that line of teasing closed. :-)

    I'm sad to say there was no pie. I think I will have to find some birthday pie sometime before the end of May.

    SDF (who also worships at the temple of TJ)

    1. I will never say another word about your handsome former husband. And I would be so happy to make you a birthday pie!!

      And now I'm puzzling over TJ. Thomas Jefferson? Tommy [Lee] Jones? Terry Jones? The Jerk?

      [[ eyes idly flickered to above comment ]]

      OMG. I'm an idiot.

      OK. Got it now. Sigh.