Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On the Brink, Possibly Tipping

Before Sunday, I have to:
  • Edit four lessons in a high school science curriculum, very technical and science-y and hard
  • Prepare the materials to get our governing body elected at my church's Annual Meeting—ballot and blurbs about the candidates, one of whom is ignoring my calls and e-mails, and I'm ready to deck him
  • Figure out what I'm supposed to say at said meeting about our "process" of choosing candidates (we beg until someone says yes?)
  • Host a wedding party for two ladyfriends who are legally tying the knot in the D.C. area this weekend
  • Finish shopping for Mrs. Fog Dog's birthday presents and get her package in the mail in a timely fashion (her birthday's the 26th) so I don't have to pay exorbitant postage fees as I did last year
  • Finish doing data entry for my Math Practice boss
  • Do Version 2 of the math overview book she's dreaming of; she didn't love Version 1
  • Finish updating the Policy Handbook for my church
I am so fried. Tonight I felt like I was moving through gravy as I tried to do zumba.

Time for some bath therapy!! And maybe a slug of tequila.

—Lady C, slightly catatonic blogatrix

p.s. I did have an additional editing job for this week, but I girded my loins and told that client she'd have to wait till next week. I expect she'll grumble at me tomorrow, but I can take it.


  1. you are like a work tornado right now. perhaps you should start taking all meeting in the bathroom - with you soaking in a nice hot bath. i wish you success but also time to relax and smell the tequila. xx

    1. Did you ever read "Harriet the Spy"? A woman Harriet spies on says that she's discovered the meaning of life, and it is taking to your bed and never getting out of it. That's what your bath suggestion puts me in mind of, and I love it!! I would be so much more mellow if I lived in the tub and quaffed tequila. Thank you!! xx