Sunday, May 19, 2013

Over! Done! Success! Yay! (Collapse)

I did it — everything on my packed to-do list and then some. And it all went great — church Annual Meeting was a success and the candidates I recruited were all voted in, with only one tiny diva fit and one arguing bully whom I talked down; the wedding party was a blast and I have lots of leftover Prosecco and squashy cream cake in my fridge, which is how I spell h-a-p-p-i-n-e-s-s; all editing + math work got done and submitted on time; and fabby presents are winging their way westward to Mrs. Fog Dog as we speak.

Today I sat down to figure out my schedule between now and June 25, when the kids and I fly to California; I've had lots of people request work from me, and I've been putting them all off because I didn't have time to think about it. But here it is: I can take every job being offered to me if they all meet their deadlines, and this means that I'm booked into July. This is crazytown; I have never worked this steadily for so many different clients! But it's all good. And I teach my last Math Practice session on May 31, so that will free up 10 hours a week for me, which will help a lot.

But I just got home from OWL and I'm exhausted, so I'm now going to put my feet up, sip some coffee, and read. And go to bed early.

Just wanted to report that I didn't collapse! I know you were worried.

Hasta la vista, baby.

—Lady C


  1. Congratulations and wow, I'm madly impressed. You seemed as cool as a cucumber at the wedding party and, having read what your list of obligations was before attending, that seemed almost superhuman. But you put together a wonderful event that resulted in happy guests full of delicious food and drink, well-entertained by party games relevant to the occasion.

    Most importantly of all, you paid tribute to the brides quite fittingly and touchingly. I loved our serenade and your toast to the happy couple was as sweet and multilayered as the beautiful cake you concocted. I did get a tear in my eye as I listened to you extol the virtues and rewards of loyalty and matrimony so eloquently!

    I'm glad that you managed everything else on your list as capably and that you can now collapse for a few minutes before continuing your busy march towards vacation! Thanks so much for including me in a wonderful celebration. And you looked simply beautiful, too! -- SDF

    1. Aw, Susan - thank you so much for this kind note. And again for all the pictures. It was important to me that the event be special and fitting, and I'm so glad to hear that it came off that way. I had a blast! What a nice group we are.

      Li'l Martini especially thanks *you* for the bacon-Ranch popcorn!!