Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 11: Lady Slug

Turns out . . . sitting on your bum all day and eating starchy leftovers is not an A+ plan for weight loss! Who knew?

(Well, all of us, probably. But I'm doing the research, nonetheless.)

Yesterday was packed with work, as per usual — I'm editing a 170-page monster this week — and it was also an angsty day, Mimosa's having Troubles again, which sent me to the wine bottle at 4 p.m. (we're icons of mental health in this house, I tell you — icons!), and I thought: You know what would make me feel better? A good long walk. And I vowed I would do this after dinner, say, 7:30.

And then the heavens opened, and there went my walk.

I went back to the computer to do more work, idly considering other exercise possibilities: treadmill, basement zumba, weight-lifting . . .

And instead I yawned over my work (which took longer than expected) and trudged up to bed at 8:45, deciding that a good night of sleep would solve a world of ills.

Oh, and my dinner of leftovers consisted of pasta, baked beans, and eggplant cooked in cheesy custard. Also the aforementioned wine. I have no idea why digesting all that made me so sleepy . . .


So — I'm up early this morning to make my daughter a Power Breakfast, drive her to school, and give her a pep talk. Today she auditions for Madrigals, the high-level singing group at the high school. Last year they didn't let in any freshmen, so this is her first real chance, and she has her heart set on it. I try very hard not to pray to "get" specific things, I usually pray for strength and courage and grace and the ability to handle whatever comes my way — but in this case . . . God, I really am begging. Please give this kid a break. She has had enough to deal with this year, and we really need something to go right for her.

And if it doesn't happen . . . then please, please, an extra helping of strength and courage and grace would be most excellent. Thank you.

Off to play "Phillip My Sparrow" one more time on the piano (actually, four more times — Mimosa sings her part, alto, while I play all the others. She is amazing in her ability to stay on tune and on key while I'm playing completely different notes. She's well-prepared and I think her chances are good. It just depends on whether 10 other girls are amazing-er).

Wish us luck!

(Do you like my blog picture today? This is what came up when I Googled "sitting in a chair eating starch." Thank you, Goggle Images!)

—Lady C, lardy lass


  1. Good luck, Mimosa! I am wafting Good Thoughts across the continent to her!

    1. Thanks, angel! As you now know, all of our combined Good Thoughts went to good use!

  2. Good luck to Mimosa! When will she find out the results?
    Mrs. Cynicletary

    1. NOW!!! How cool, right? I will keep you posted - would be great to get you guys out here to see here. The Madrigals are SMOKIN'!!