Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 13: OK, Ready for Some Good News?

My daughter's music teacher took her aside for a little chat about being more social and not withdrawing from the group (which is a challenge for her, but also a fair assessment) and concluded it by saying, "This needs to be our secret for now, but . . .



(Shh! — don't tell anyone yet! The results won't be officially posted till next week.)

Mimosa is over the moon and through the roof and high as a kite and walking on air. Hate letter, shmate letter, she's feeling no pain.

And I really think that being part of a group — an elite, specially invited, best of the best group — will be a huge confidence boost for her and give her a sense of belonging, which will go a long way toward her social success. Right now she tends to approach every social interaction with the mindset of "This person probably doesn't want to talk to me." This summer, she will work hard in therapy on her social skills and confidence and then hit the ground running in September.

So so so happy!!!!

In other news, there've been a few developments in the saga of Crazy Karate Kid but nothing definitive to report as yet. Thank you x a million for your notes of encouragement and support. They mean the world to me and my family.

As I wrote to Inspirational Kathy at 8:08 this morning, "Now, why isn't my stress resulting in weight loss? And is it too early for wine?"

—Lady C, proud proud mama 


  1. Ha! It's never too early for wine, silly woman. (Or chocolate. Or naps. Or whatever you need to get you through the tough times!)

    Congratulations to Mimosa!!! She gave me chills (in a good way, of course) when she sang that snippet for me last year. She is AMAZING!!!! And sweet and lovely too!

    1. Preach! My weight plummeted this morning, so clearly you are on to something! :)

      I told M that she gave you chills last summer, and she beamed. Thank you for your kind words for my cherub, your spiritual goddaughter!! She is a very very good girl and has been raised perfectly.

      So happy to be celebrating in the midst of the crazy!!! Last night we toasted her with whatever we were holding at the time: glass of wine (me), forkful of pineapple (M), and chicken patties (the guys). Too funny.