Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 2: Look at the Pretty!

My dear friend Sleepy Susan took this picture of me at the party I hosted two weeks ago, and I totally love it.

When Bride Boy visited, he asked me if I still thought of myself as fat, and I said, "Duh, 250 pounds, yeah I do," and he said, "Sure, you could lose some weight — but I expected you to look a lot worse" (he hasn't seen me in 10+ years). Maybe I'm not communicating this well, but it was an amazing compliment and meant a lot to me. I'm more or less in proportion — though I'm a pear and quite bottom-heavy, I am also an hourglass, and it's easy to hide bottom-heaviness if you wear a lot of skirts. Or longish shirts and snug leggings, that is also a good look.

Because also, and I can't stress this enough: My goal is to look cute, always. And when you're a big fat girl, you do the best you can with what you have.

Two of my bestys say that "looking cute" is their future goal. One says she'll worry about how she looks after she loses all the weight she wants to lose. The other says that her 50s are going to be about her looks. (Her 40s, which she's currently in, have been about career development — and to give her props, she's done amazing, achieving every goal she's ever set.) But I don't get this at all. There is no guarantee that we'll ever lose all our weight or reach a certain age (sorry, Brunie, but I've seen how you drive). All we have for sure is today, and it's not that hard to put on some lip gloss and wear clothes that fit and flatter. My opinion!

Anyway, Days 1 and 2 of my new weight-loss plan have gone okay. Yesterday I did my zumba with Eddie Dance Party (only one more week! weep!) and then frenziedly cleaned the house and cooked for my dinner party (which was hella good — the salmon turned out perfect, and we also had green salad, potato salad, homemade French bread made with half whole-wheat flour, garlic butter, fresh fruit at the peak of ripeness, and of course the pie — and now I have tons of leftover salmon, also a huge bag of arugula, my favorite green, so I shall lunch on salmon and salad and white wine all week, a perfect meal and healthy too! And I'll be home for lunch, which will be awesome — my post Math Practice restaurant lunches at 2 p.m. were killing me).

Today I haven't moved much (it's HOT) but nor have I eaten much (ditto). Husband and I plan to split a deli sandwich at 5, then I'm off to teach OWL. I did exactly zero editing work this weekend, but tomorrow a long lovely uninterrupted day stretches before me. I can't wait.

—Lady C

p.s. Mimosa is happier. I think we've turned a corner. Thank you for your prayers.


  1. You look great! Did you ever do your own henna?
    Cindy in SC

    1. Thanks, my glamour girl! Nope, that's all still me. I went to order the henna for a reasonable price -- and then saw that the shipping was, like, fifteen bucks! For a smallish container of henna!! Crazytown. But the gray is bugging me, I'm going to do something sometime soon. This is my vow. (In the meantime I'm going to pluck myself baldheaded, I *cannot stop* pulling them out!)

      Hey, you were in my dream the other night! I blush to tell you more. Let's just say that J&L's wedding had a profound effect on my psyche. :)

  2. I'm flattered! :)