Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 22: A Dress to Diet For

So I did that thing you're not supposed to do: I bought a dress that's a size too small, promising myself, "I'll lose weight!" Yeah.

Right now, the dress fits like a sausage casing; I can zip it, but I can also see the outline of every hook in my bra.

But I will lose more weight. I'd already decided that my goal is to lose a pound a week this summer, which feels challenging yet do-able. If I'm successful, that dress will be a splendid birthday present when I turn 51 in August.

(It is the one pictured on yesterday's blog post. The hem is funky — I think it's called "handkerchief" or something like that, it's all points that hang at different lengths, and the middle front panel is shorter than I usually wear — daring! But the fresh-lime color is great on me, and my cleavage looks fantastic, and Husband gave it a thumbs up, so there you have it. And the price was right! $19.99 in New Hampshire means exactly that — live free or die, and pay no sales tax. Sweet!)

Despite eating at Chunky's (whose motto might as well be, "Want some extra lard with that?") it was a good health day for me: an hour of strenuous yardwork, a light lunch of vegetables, and then a turkey burger and side salad at Chunky's. Plus I eschewed the traditional post-Chunky's Dairy Queen treat (I love a Buster Bar, but the dress! the dress!), and I plan to get up early tomorrow morning to walk the bike path before commencing a day of industry. (I have to finish a big editing job, do three loads of laundry, clip the cats' claws, and groom Husband's feet, like the adoring geisha I am. Busy busy!)

Oh! And at some point tomorrow we must stop in at Nicola's, our beloved favey pizza joint, which is closing its doors after decades as an Arlington Heights institution. The owners are retiring, and they are such characters; we can only wish them well as they guffaw into the sunset together.

(But oh! how I will miss their White Roman pizza!!!!!)

It's only 9:30, but I've been yawning for an hour. I sawed off five tree limbs today, man — a girl gets weary.

Sweet dreams, peeps!

— Lady C


  1. Mr. Lady Chardonay (aka Husband, aka Heterolifemate)June 23, 2013 at 2:09 PM

    In fact, I gave it 2 BIG thumbs up!! I loved that dress on my wife the moment I saw it, but it was after I saw her walk in it that I said, in a rather husky voice (and after I managed to swallow), "oh, yes! We're definitely getting that!" Wow! Just wow!

    1. As our daughter says, "Daddy is such a corn dog!" :)

      Maybe I'll do kitchen zumba for you in that tight little dress. There, hold on to that thought while I'm away for the next week -- enough to keep you faithful?