Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 23: I Have My Answer!

I Googled "how to juice a cucumber," and it seemed simple enough: Peel cucumber, puree in food processor, strain pulp. Eureka! So today, when I got home from my nice walk on the bike path, I did just that, and my kitchen was redolent of cucumber as I finished my last two pre-vacay editing jobs.

(Mimosa wandered in and said, "Why does the kitchen smell like pickles?")

And once the sun . . . neared the yardarm (it was 2:30 p.m.), I concocted a perfectly smashing cocktail!!

Lady C's Cool as a Cucumber 'Tini
Juice from 1 cucumber (about 1 cup)
Juice from 3 limes
Simple syrup, to taste
Vodka, again to taste (and keeping in mind how easily you get snockered)

Shake with three ice cubes, strain, and serve in an over-sized martini glass. Makes two drinks — or enough for one thirsty Lady with an iron constitution!

The drink is a lovely pale green; it's tangy, light, and refreshing. A perfect summer cocktail! (Though I may add one more lime next time.)

The bike path was lovely at 8 a.m., also very populated. But it was fun; I saw a church mom I love, then hooked up with a mom I've known since preschool. Her son also got picked for Madrigals, so we congratulated each other on our awesomely raised children. Because I was talking to her and she was walking her bike, I didn't walk as fast as usual — but it was 2.7 miles nonetheless.

But sadly, I don't have a new low weigh-in to report — I'm holding steady at the same weight (and waist size). And my California visit should just about break even; though I do a ton of exercise with my mom (aqua-zumba!!), I also eat like I'm going to the chair. Buttermilk doughnuts! Tostadas with Hacienda dressing! The Starving Student Special at Burger Hut! Baseball Nut ice cream at at a genuine Baskin-Robbins! The California Omelette at Morning Thunder Cafe!

Oh, man . . . Is it time for pizza yet? All I've had today is vegetables and vodka!

Ravenously yours,
Lady C

p.s. Sending much love and many prayers to my good friend Bev in Canada, whose husband was just dealt some crummy health news. Please send a good thought her way, will you?

p.p.s. Also sending healing vibes to my dear Sister Hart, who tore her right biceps in the mean streets of New York last week! City living will kill you, man.

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