Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 5: Poppies!! (Say it like Margaret Hamilton)

(I love my new day-numbering scheme! Though I guess it'll be harder next month. Maybe I'll start over on the first day of every month. There's got to be a morning after . . .)

I spent the entirety of today editing a dense document about opioid addiction, and maybe it was power of suggestion but all I did was yawwwwwwnnnnn. I had to keep getting up to zumba a bit, just to keep the blood flowing and the eyelids upright. "Scream & Shout" by and Britney Spears was my song of choice — it's great for kitchen zumba. Eddie Dance Party would've been proud of me.

OK, true confession, I did take some breaks:
  • I am dying of anticipation for the Veronica Mars movie!!!!! I have watched the trailer approximately 9.2 trillion times. Approximately.
  • Mimosa has me hooked on this ridiculous Help site. My conversation with my ghost (Help! I have a ghost) was particularly instructive.
  • Husband took me to Starbucks so I could use the freaking HELOC credit card. I also bought Mimosa, my karate kid, a smoothie. Two down, one to go.
Today I booked two jobs for July. My white-hot career continues to blaze. 

I have got to get to bed early tonight! Early-ish. Before midnight. I'm not done with opium (you know what I mean), and I really need to finish tomorrow; I've got two, count 'em, two jobs for Friday. No weekend work! Finish the opium! This is my rallying cry.

Good night!

—Lady C, who ate salad at two, count 'em, two meals today, also fruit and salmon and whole-grain cereal


  1. Oooh ooooh ooooooh Lady C, over here, over here, over here. When we bought our first house, the second thing I planted, after the antique apple tree, was (were) Breadseed Poppies. They were tall, elegant beautiful, impervious to bugs. My mother -- and Master Gardener -- arrived one day when they were in full bloom.
    "Oh look!" she said. "Opium poppies."
    "Opium poppies?" I croaked, thinking of the husband-wife sheriff's deputies up the street.
    "Sure," she said. "Got a razor blade?"
    She rummaged around on the workbench, found one, took it back to the front yard and proceeded to teach me how to extract the raw opium.
    I never asked how, or why, she knew this.

    1. Fascinating!!! Your mom, man - she was a pistol.

      I'm planning to pick up some California Poppy seeds on my next visit and attempt to grow them in my yard, for a nice touch of home. I suspect our state flower doesn't produce much opium... Perhaps I will look for Breadseed Poppies as well. Will the birds, bees, and butterflies get a little kick? :)

  2. Best of luck with the opium. I hear it's quite tricky to shake, be it practical or editorial. :-)

    Missed you! Glad to see you're doing well! White hot career, as well! You lucky gal, you!

    1. Hee! I never thought about that. Yes, I've got the opium habit -- *editorially*, don'tcha know.

      I don't know why I can't leave comments on your blog any more, but I am really sorry!!! I have mentally commented a dozen times in the last two weeks. Your pictures were fantastic!