Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 6: After a Day of Opium, A Girl Needs a Hunk o' Cow

I finished the opium job, finally (spoiler: it's not good for you!), and Husband had a 6 p.m. meeting, so the kids and I headed to Madrona Tree, our local organic food joint. Note that I say "organic" rather than "healthy"; it's all free-range beef that never met an antiobiotic, the frappes are made with milk from contented cows fed on organic corn and clover, the fried potatoes are hand picked from loamy natural soil free of pesticides, the big fat spongy buns are made by Iggy (as in Bread of the World) . . . and nowhere in there did I preclude the use of butter, sugar, and salt, oui? I'm sure I ate a thousand-calorie dinner.

(I did not have a frappe, I hasten to add! I'm dieting, people! Ha. Though I did take a sip of Martini's chocolate-mint divineness, and it was flavored with real mint, you could just tell from the way the flavors exploded across your taste buds. Amazing!!!)

We gorged, it was SO delicious, but I ate just the right amount and don't feel overfull. And now I'm drinking coffee, and soon I will head out for a dusk-time walk. (Once again, I did kitchen zumba every time I needed to stretch and move today, and the song du jour was "Pound the Alarm" by Nikki Minaj. A sprightly little number!)

Not much else to report. Tomorrow is packed full of work: my final Math meeting (and it is final, as I've decided not to do this again next year —did I say that already? The impact on my life is too great to justify how little I get paid. But I loved it and I'm so glad I did it), then two editing jobs. But I've got some fun stuff planned for the weekend: my last Eddie Dance Party class (weep!), dinner with Brunie and Sister Hart and Blogger Dawn, my favorite drinkin' buddies, my last OWL class for this term (and we're having a panel presentation, I don't even need to plan a lesson), and some of my favorite teen girlies are going out after Youth Group and invited me to accompany (drive) them. All fun!

And Sunday will be my first weigh-in of the new regime. I know my million-calorie dinner didn't exactly help the cause (I feel the calories growing as I digest them) but I've been doing very well otherwise, and I feel hopeful of being at least a couple of pounds down.

Time to shimmy into a sports bra and get out there before the sun sets! Our neighborhood is safe — I'm more in danger of encountering a raccoon or a coyote then a biped with malicious intentions — but still. Walking in the dark is problematic for a klutz like me.

Sweet dreams, y'all!

—Lady C


  1. Mr. Lady Chardonay (aka Husband, aka Heterolifemate)June 6, 2013 at 10:38 PM

    I just want to add that I am now a HUGE fan of kitchen zumba!! And "Pound the Alarm," as performed by my smokin' hot wife in front of the toaster oven is... well... OK, I've gotten just a little light-headed... let me get back to all of you; just hold that thought....

    1. You are my favorite audience, snookybum!


      p.s. Seriously, how you can look at your fat, frumpy, middle-aged wife and see "smokin' hot" . . . don't ever get new glasses, baby!

  2. Drawn in as I was by the information that I was mentioned (I like the parts about ME the best!) I caught up with the new counting program. I am SO GLAD that you are cranking them out pretty regularly again. I miss you when you don't write. I mean, sure, I could just come see you - but I can read you anywhere and it is so much fun!

    1. It's ALL about you, baby! Thanks for reading! And I'm returning the favor - I just added you to my blogroll and I'm getting all caught up on BookSplat. So many great books on there! Mimosa thanks you too.