Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 8: Weigh-In Eve

My weight's been up and down all week, as peer usual, but also lower than when I started, and I was expecting to have lost as much as four pounds by the weekend. So I weighed myself this morning, anticipating a certain number . . .

. . . and saw that my weight had gone UP! By half a pound!!!!!

But after I recovered from this horror, I remembered a few key things:
  • I didn't exercise at all yesterday, unless you count one round of kitchen zumba. (Yesterday's song: "Club On Smash" by Kat DeLuna. Peppy!*)
  • At our "last" Math Practice meeting (we're having one more but we didn't know that) everyone brought treats, and I brought The Original Boston Coffee Cake, loaded with sour cream and walnuts, and one piece has 250 calories, and did I eat just one piece? Ha. (Note: I brought home the leftovers and grazed on them all day — I didn't shove five pieces in my mouth at said event. Just so you know.) And also there were glazed doughnuts and dark-chocolate brownies and hazelnut scones. And fresh cherries, of which I did partake so I wouldn't die. But in any event, my calories for the day were pretty much blown right there.
  • Craving something crunchy and spicy, I had half an order or chorizo nachos for lunch. 
  • For dinner, we had hot dogs. And the insanely good baked beans from Blue Ribbon Bar-B-Q ("flavored with molasses and beef brisket trimmings"!). And coleslaw and mac 'n' cheese and pickles. Plus HoneyBear came to spend the night with Li'l Martini and he brought cookies from our local crack den, Lakota Bakery, and I had a Florentine.
In other words, I ate my weight in treats. But what's a little scary is that I didn't even realize it. I've been ridiculously sleepy and out of it this week, and it's easy to blame the opium, but I finished that on Thursday and yesterday was all about E. coli.

(Yes, I feel your envy. Believe me.)

It's been taking me forever to fall asleep at night, sometimes not till 1 or 2, but I pop up at 7 a.m. and get to work, every day, so clearly I'm not getting enough sleep. (And I'm not a napper.) I think the time has come to stop drinking coffee (or switch to decaf) after a certain point in the day. It breaks my heart, but it seems reasonable, right?

And I also know that lack of sleep plays havoc with my metabolism, so that on top of the 45 million calories of yumminess I consumed . . . yeah, the fact that I was only up half a pound is in itself a small miracle.

So! Today! Here's de plan: I'm off to zumba in half an hour, where I will leach** out a small child's worth of sweat. Then I will eat lightly throughout the day, almost solely plants. My palllies are coming to dinner, but it's a veggie-heavy meal, so that will be okay, and I'll just have small portions of all the yum.

The problem will be the hooch. These girls are such enablers. I'll try to stand firm, but seriously. the peer pressure, you can't believe it.***

Off to zumba! And to say goodbye to Eddie Dance Party, boo hoo.

Wish me luck on my day of Purging and Diuretics!

xx Lady C

* On reading this, Husband will cry, "Pepe — that's me!" A random utterance, to be sure, but a recurring one.

** I said, "What's a word that means 'to eject from your body'?" and Husband helpfully said, "Sweat!" But then he came up with leach, he's a star. It pays to increase your word power!

*** This is a lie. I'm the drinker. Blogger Dawn claims that she'll be "dry" tonight, she's tired and stressed; Brunie takes three sips and then switches to seltzer; Sister Hart can hold her own, for sure, but wouldn't care in the least if I teetotaled it for a night. I'm the hostess who gets everyone drunk. And also, a liar. Is there any hope for me?????


  1. No one told me that perimenopause came with all this anxiety, which for me turned into panic when I would go multiple nights where I couldn’t sleep. So grateful when my friend told me it was normal and advised me to ask my doctor for a light sleep aid. So glad that my doctor advised a very anxious me to try it out first – to take it on a night when I knew I could sleep in and just go to bed early and do something, like read until I naturally felt sleepy. Waking up with that feeling of deep sleep saturation and nary a trace of grogginess was pure bliss and just knowing I could do that again after a few restless nights was so reassuring. That, and a fan by my night table, are the two “don’t leave menstruating without it” aids I would recommend. Well, beside keeping your sense of “what the hell” humor, as in I think I’ve shared this before but if I don’t remember perhaps you forgot that I shared already.

    1. Yowza, baby!

      I'm still every-21-days regular, so I'm not sure I'm even IN perimenopause yet -- I think coffee's the more likely culprit for my "insomnia." And I don't even feel particularly anxious, I just feel awake. But since I've cut down the late-night coffee, it's going better.

      Drugs scare me, but your approach sounds very wise. "Don't leave menstruation without it" should be our watchword. (Since I'm always hot, how will I recognize a flash? This is my question. For all I know, I'm living in one.)