Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 9: Weigh-In Woo-Hoo!

I've lost a pound and a half! In possibly the most ridiculous diet week ever! Friday, remember, was my Day of Excess and Gluttony, and then last night with my girlfriends I put away a fair amount of my signature drink, also one or two or who knows how many Key Lime Martinis. But I didn't eat dessert and I ran around like a crazy thing all day, and that seemed to do the trick.

Even though I felt "happy" and "animated" rather than "drunk," when I got up at 5:30 to pee and reached for the toilet handle to flush it . . . and missed  . . . I guess certain facts need to be faced. But it was a hella fun dinner party.

We did play one game, my favorite, called Character Mash-Up, when you've got a character from one book, movie, or TV show and the plot of another one, and you need to put them together somehow and get people to guess both. Here are some we came up with (answers appear below):
  1. Could these four sisters in Concord BE more poor?
  2. Awwwwwww, Ricky! My friend the witch is so popular, and I'm hideous and green! I want to try defying gravity, Ricccccckkkyyyyyy!!!!
  3. Benjamin. I'm tired from working in an ad agency in the '60s with all these males, and if you don't come over here and unhook my brassiere, I don't know what.
  4. Gee, Mrs. Cleaver, you're looking swell today. Want to watch me sing and get judged by Simon Cowell?
  5. [Exhale] [Exhale] Luke . . . I am your father. But I only have eyes for Kathy. Want to meet "Ralph"?
So fun! Try it at home!

Today the kids and I are reorganizing our closets and drawers, moving winter stuff to the back and getting rid of everything that's outgrown; at 15 Mimosa's more or less stopped growing, so her pile mostly consisted of things that fit fine but that an increasingly picky teenager will never wear; Martini, who's 12.5, had a pile of outgrown stuff that could fill a Volkswagen. Buying him new clothes seems futile, the kid sprouts a new inch every week. Can't I just wrap him in a sheet for the summer and deal with this in the fall??

Time to do my own closet. I'm not outgrowing things, thank goodness, but my goal is to "defrump"; despite my best efforts, I end up with a lot of soccer mom outfits. But if Joan Holloway wouldn't be caught dead in it, then neither will I. This is my watchword.

(Last night, Brunie and I argued over which of us is more Rizzo-like. She is more of a bad girl, to be sure, and I'm a goody-goody rules girl. Nonetheless, Rizzo would never water down a cocktail, and, I argue, would NOT shinny down the drainpipe in brogues, Brunie's footwear o' choice. Brunie insists that if Rizzo were shoe-shopping today, she'd be all about the Crocs. Weigh in with your opinion, please!)

Off to defrump. Whee!

(I'm not hung over, but boy am I sleepy. Lying on my bed with the fan on and doing the Sunday crossword puzzle sounds so appealing . . .)

—Lady C, feeling a full 24 ounces lighter!

  1. Chandler Bing and Little Women
  2. Lucy Ricardo and Wicked
  3. Mrs. Robinson and Mad Men
  4. Eddie Haskell and American Idol
  5. Darth Vader and Forever

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