Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 34: I Can't Believe I Ate My Whole Vacation!!

Zoo-wee mama! I gained 10 pounds in California!!! Turns out, doughnuts for breakfast and margaritas all day by the pool . . . are not on the fast track to weight loss. Who knew?

Yes, I'm kidding — I knew I was eating like a gestating sow, but oh man did we have good food. And the usual counterbalance of exercise was somewhat absent, since it was so freaking hot. We played a lot of pool volleyball, though.

It was an awesome vacation, full of laughter and fun and great memories. Some highlights:
  • I finally tasted a pineapple tamale, something my mom and her besty, Tia Gabi, have raved about for years. My verdict: a little weird. But I'm glad I tried it.
  • The kids and I taught Mom how to play Marry, Shag, or Kill?, which was a riot. (She kept messing up the word "shag" and saying "shack" — "I'm going to shack James Bond!" — which amused us highly.)
  • Mom, Mimosa, and I saw The Marvelous Wonderettes, a fabby musical comedy about a girl group in the '50s. Great fun! (And air-condiitoned!)
  • Mom, Li'l Martini, and I saw White House Down, a *craptastic* flick about terrorists in the White House during the Jamie Foxx presidency. Great fun! (And air-conditioned!)
  • I got dissed by a palomino.
  • I fixed salmon and coleslaw and apple salad and strawberry shortcake and perfect chicken and nachos and tossed salad with a billion vegetables and who knows what else, and we ate well.
My parents are not getting any younger, and I wish I could get out to see them more often. It's just so darned expensive!!

More to say, but it's 90+ degrees here and I'm wilting.

We didn't get to bed till 2:30 this morning, and slept till 10:30. I'm wondering what the odds are that I can get up at 6:30 tomorrow and walk the bike path before it gets too hot. Time to get back on my quest for the dress! Ten pounds, holy cow.

But it was worth it. 

Gluttonously yours,

Lady C


  1. You can't just toss out that line about a palomino, and not explain! That's just not fair.

    1. (sorry, I'm trying to add a profile picture, but I'm having trouble)

    2. Andy Mc, no way!!!! I will tell the sad tale of the palomino dissing, but you must tell me how you found my blog. What a nice surprise!