Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 36: The Art and Elegance of Sweating Like an Ox 

I got up at 7:30 this morning and was already sweaty from the neck down. (We still have flannel-ish sheets on our bed — they're more like T-shirt material, but I don't think they're helping the cause. One of today's chores is to switch to crisp cotton sheets, mmm!) So, again, I didn't walk anywhere.

Tonight the thunderstorms begin, scheduled to last all week. I am THRILLED to get the temps out of the 90s!!! But poor Li'l Martini, who's doing LARP camp all week and prefers outdoor adventures. Well, weather forecasts aren't always accurate — more will be revealed, as they say in AA, or so I've heard anyway.

So in any event, I have nothing to report on the exercise front, though I did sign up for a second zumba class, starting this week (again with the Italian Spitfire). Now I need to decide whether to keep doing the Tuesday class (no a.c.) or find something else for the summer. There's a water aerobics class on Monday nights, which I might check out — though I found, with Mom, that aquacize is harder on my knees than zumba! which of course makes no sense. But I was quite crippled in California. Was the culprit two aqua classes or our nightly pool volleyball games? Who can say?

But foodwise I'm doing very well; the only good thing that results from a heat wave is that I don't want to eat, so yesterday I pecked lightly at whole-wheat toast and fat-free Greek yogurt. We did have a kick-ass dinner (Chinese sausage, dun-dun noodles, horseradish beets, and a big green salad), and I could easily have had seconds on everything, but I didn't. (I did eat ice cream, though, one small bowlful, while watching Gravity Falls and Date Night with the fam, two fans blowing at all times. Fun!) And I was down another half-pound this morning. Slowly, slowly.

Today we'll do our chores and I'll finish dealing with the various piles and lists I've been making, and then perhaps an air-condiitoned matinee? The boys want to see Star Trek and the girls want to see The Bling Ring, which always reminds me of the time we all went to see Iron Man and Letters to Juliet; the ticket taker glanced at the four tickets with no visible expression, tore them in half, then intoned, "Boy movie, Theater 3, girl movie, Theater 6." Too funny.

I guess another good thing that results from a heat wave is that I don't push myself to get things done quite as frantically, and I've actually been sitting in my comfy green chair and reading in the afternoons, something I almost never do! But I've got so many good library books right now, thanks to Brunie and her awesome summer reading lists for Beverly High (see BookSplat blog link to the right). Latest love: YA author Julie Halpern. I'm reading Into the Wild Nerd Yonder, and it is so much fun!

I do not expect a new low at tomorrow's weigh-in, but I will certainly be lower than I was last Sunday, and that is all I care about at the moment.

I did not lose a single pound last year. From July 2012 to July 2013, I stayed at 252. This blows my mind! How did I not notice? Anyway, it all changes this July. This is my vow!!!

"The dress" is hanging on the closet door in my bedroom. It would be more motivating if I hung it downstairs, I suppose; my bedroom is wicked hot, and I don't go in there much during the day. Perhaps I should hang it in front of the fridge.  

Or the liquor cupboard.

Ha ha.

(Another good thing that results from a heat wave: I am too hot to drink alcohol — it just makes me hotter. A margarita would cool me down, but the effort of making one seems insurmountable, especially now that Zanzibar has turned me on to "homemade" margaritas, which involve squeezing my own limes. So delicious! So worky! Hee.)

Off to muscle through the sweat and clean my house!

Stay cool, my peeps.

—Lady C


  1. Making margaritas is a lot like work. I don't blame you there. Best of luck with the heat! Stay cool, dahling!

    1. Thank you, sweetpea!

      Listen, after successfully sending you a test Comment, I wrote several more pithy ones -- and a not a one of 'em would post. I have NO IDEA why your blog won't let me talk!!! But I'm still reading and loving you, pert miss! (I enjoyed the gray streak in your hair.)

  2. Well, it's not like you have to squeeze them with your bare hands with that thingy device. And once you "go limes" it is hard to go back. I am down to not needing any sweetener - so doubling up on the alcohol. Good trade, I say!

    1. Hee! You are a luscious lush!! It feels pretty much like I'm squeezing them with my bare hands, I must say, though I do love that squeezy thingy you gave me. Hey, I know I owe you a huge e-mail, but let me just say this: My answer to at least one of your propositions is YES. How's that for enticing? I will write soon, I promise!!

  3. Good Neighbor AnneJuly 8, 2013 at 3:08 PM

    Yay! Go girl!
    I like the cute dress as a motivator.
    Remember that it's not just about having that ONE DRESS to wear this August. Ultimately it's about a having a WHOLE CLOSETFUL OF ADORABLE DRESSES that make you feel happy and proud of your sweat and effort each time you put one on for the rest of your life!
    Cheering you on!!

    1. Thanks, sweety! You of course could use my cute dress as a TENT, but let's not dwell on how teensy one of us is. :)

      I was going to propose an after-dinner walk, but as you'll see from today's post I barely had dinner, not to mention no real after-dinner. Grr. I hate people!!! (not you, of course) But yes, let's hook up soon -- I feel like it's been YEARS since we've had time to talk!