Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 39: A Wanted Woman


My white-hot editing star shows no sign of burning out — not this summer, anyway.

Man, I was annoyed last night! But I think I nicely C'd my A, if you know what I'm saying, by reporting the following snippet of convo to my Snippy Clients:
I meant to share with you all the conversation I had with my daughter yesterday (she's 15):
  • Me: The piece I'm editing is about getting more women interested in science and technology.
  • Daughter: Huh.
  • Me: Like, you — you always get good grades in science, but I never hear you mention it as a possible career. What would make you consider it? Would it help if a female scientist came to talk to you about how awesome her work is? Or how much money you could make?!
  • Daughter: Maybe. Or maybe if she told us how we could do something really amazing that would help lots of people.
I loved this because it supports one of the points in your proposal: Men get excited about the gadgets and equipment, women get excited about helping people.
 Both clients responded with what seems to be genuine appreciation and delight:
  • Client 1: Thanks for sharing that conversation!
  • Client 2: Wow, thanks so much for sharing this!
I may get paid for the full 10 hours after all.*

And I've already scheduled enough work for this month to sit back and not worry about beating the bushes, but today the following emerged:
  • A chance to edit a 400+-page novel for a woman in my writers group — I like her novel a lot, this will be a fun job
  • Something completely different: turning 60 PowerPoint slides into a training manual, which will involve a fair amount of writing on my part (sort of the opposite of what I did with the huge dry dense document, that I condensed into short lively webpages). I am psyched about this! And also, of course, terrified that I won't be able to do it — I've never done anything like it before. But mostly psyched. These things tend to work out, as I am now old and wise enough to realize.
I haven't had any alcohol since the 4th of July. I'm also eschewing the cider doughnut that is sexily reclining in my kitchen as we speak, calling to me, calling . . . And why hasn't this steely determination and temperance resulted in more weight loss, I ask you? Jeeminy. I might as well drink.

Zumba tonight, and the weather is perfect! This girl is ready to sweat.

(Note to Mrs. Fog Dog: I finally watched Episode 1 of the Jeff Daniels-Aaron Sorkin-news show whose title I can never remember, and I was enraptured!!!! Does it stay this good? If so, you were so right!

(I know you know this already.)

—Lady C, whose clients like her! they really like her!

* But if they're jerks and only pay me for eight — que sera sera. I've already moved on. Remember that this my year of Forgiveness? Here's a new quote I'm in love with:
If you don't forgive, it's like letting the person who hurt you live rent-free in your head.
I have enough excess crap in there, believe me! Like, the lyrics to "Le Freak" and the names and birth order of every single toothy Osmond. I need some mental floss, frankly.


  1. Newsroom. I would love to watch it, but HBO is not in my budget. Also, is that graphic of you new? I Love It!!

    1. Oh, me either -- I miss all the buzzy shows. I'm seeing this one on Netflix, baby! only $7 a month! Or something like that.

      I made the avatar a while ago but only just figured out how to put it on my blog. Techy = not me. But thank you! Doesn't she look just like me? (Meaning, adorable?) :)

      Barb's is wicked cute too. Go check it out.