Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 40: Hot Zumba Kicks Hot Yoga's ASS!!! (Namaste.)

Two nights in a row of zumba and three gallons of lost sweat later, I am a limp noodle with trembling muscles, though man am I flexible.
I love the Wednesday night class because it has magnum a.c. and fans, but I'm still sweating like a tar pit by the end. And of course this is the class with 15 minutes of the dreaded abs. I tried to slink out as I always do, but tonight the Italian Spitfire was even bossier than usual and barked, "Lady C! Get a mat! You're not leaving!" I whimpered, "My ab doctor . . . I have a note . . ." and the teensy old lady, my Ab Nemesis, who can hold The Plank for like 20 years, said, "Ab doctor?? I have now heard everything," which was pretty funny. She is my Ab Nemesis but I totally love her.

I grabbed a mat and gave it a try, but (a) I have abs of barely set JELL-O and (b) I always hurt my back. Yes, I'm sure that actually doing the ab work would help with (a) but I'm not risking (b), I have too much to do this week!! I tried to discreetly roll my mat and slink away AGAIN, but the Italian Spitfire gave me a look and said, "Why don't you do arms?" Eureka! I love doing arm work! So I used 4-pound weights (at home I use 5-pound for biceps, 3-pound for everything else) and did 60 bicep curls, 30 arm extensions, 50 tricep curls, 20 things that don't have a name but help my shoulder muscles, and then a random assortment of other things (parallel-bent-arm lifts, doorknobs), and I know I'll be feeling it tomorrow, but still. Arms for abs, that's a trade I'll make any day.

But I will do some throwdowns tomorrow before my shower (the one ab exercise I can actually do), how's that for a compromise? And I still need to do some wall push-ups before I hit the tub.

My weight is moving back down again but I'm afraid to jinx it, so don't read the first part of this sentence.

I'm reading two books that are both so good, I don't want to stop reading either one:

The problem is that neither is exactly soothing bedtime reading; I had the weirdest nightmare after falling asleep reading Unwind last night. Shirley Jackson said that she had to read a chapter of Little Women before bed every night while writing The Haunting of Hill House, and that sounds like a good strategy.

My kitchen is redolent with the scent of ripe nectarines. Small healthy meals, daily exercise, copious sweat. Onward!

—Lady C, nobody's Ab Nemesis

p.s. Cindy Glamour asked about my cute avatar. It started with Book Club Girl, who's got one on her website. I coveted it (I covet everything Book Club Girl has) and made one for myself, then for Lady Darcy and Brunie, who have theirs on their blogs as well (Kelly's Channel and Book Splat, respectively). Check 'em out!

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