Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 42: The Corn Is as High as an Elephant's Eye!

OK, not really (or maybe it is — what do I know from corn?) but it is indeed a beautiful mornin', which I just experienced up close and personal. Mimosa and I did our first run/walk of the summer, though in her case it was mostly walking and little running (and all walking in mine), and I convinced her to walk farther than her usual mile, for optimum aerobic health.

(We just got her report card and her "Fitness Gram," which was pretty funny. She can't do a single push-up but her core strength is off the chart. My biggest concern is her aerobic capacity, which is low low low, so that will be our focus this summer.)

So, I'm trying something new that I just read about: a 15-minute walk right after dinner, which aids in both digestion and weight loss. Last night was my first one, and since I didn't know how "long" a walk 15 minutes was, I took our kitchen timer with me, figuring I'd walk in a straight line for 7.5 minutes then turn around. Except there are no straight lines where I live, so I meandered (briskly). But now I know the route, and it takes me past several friends' houses, and I met the sweetest greyhound named Cocoa, and it was all fun. Though with stopping to pet doggies and chat several times it was more like 25 minutes, and when I got home Husband greeted me with the words, "You saw a dog, right?" I'm all, "Are you stalking me??" but he just knows me so well. Anyway, 15 minutes is just enough to get a little sweaty and feel it a little bit in your thighs, and I felt great afterward! I'm definitely going to try to do this as often as possible, maybe get the fam to come with.

I'm also trying to cut down on my evening coffee consumption, and, as with any addiction, I knew there'd be withdrawal to deal with. Yesterday I went kinda cold turkey, partly because we didn't have any leftover coffee from the morning, so my last cup was at 10:30 a.m. — and when I woke up this morning, I could feel a migraine brewing. I'm weird about my migraine medicine, often preferring to attempt to stanch the headache with other measures before grabbing my pills (if the headache is in the early stages — if it's a full-blown 'graine, believe me, I grab the drugs). But I live in fear of my drug losing its effectiveness (which happened to me with my first drug, Butalbital), so if I can cure the migraine another way, I'll take it. Today I rolled the dice and gambled on a cup of coffee and exercise doing the trick.

And it worked!!! Exercise is MAGIC. No trace of headache or nausea.

And (I'm whispering now, because I'm afraid to jinx it) at the moment, my clients have given me no work for today. This is beyond exciting to contemplate!! What should I do with my free morning?
  • Finish reading The Hate List, which is due back at the library today?
  • Read the stack of newspapers, catalogs, etc. that have piled up on my dresser?
  • Pull some weeds in my (disgraceful) front garden — especially since the weather is pleasant and un-humid?
  • List the books I have for sale and get them out of my dining room, where they've been for five months?
  • Finish converting three T-shirts into tank tops while watching season 7 of The Gilmore Girls?
Such exciting options!

One thing I'm doing for sure: lunch with my darling Mrs. Cynicletary! in just a few hours. Hmm, I guess I should shower first. I am a true friend. 

—Lady C, all about the giving

p.s. After my walk last night, I hunkered down in front of the TV and watched Moonrise Kingdom with Mimosa (loved!) and then my new favorite TV show, Hollywood Game Night, which is destined be my new obsession — I must get on this show!!!! And I mended three pairs of black leggings, cut off the neck and sleeves of one T-shirt and pinned its collar hem, and converted two bathing-suit tops of Mimosa's from halter to tank for better boob support. Productive!


  1. I'm trying to do the post meal exercise too! You're such an inspiration, Lady C! Hope you and your delightful family are well!

    And from a gal who hasn't been able to wear a halter top bathing suit for years, tell darling mimosa to hand in there. The "girls" stop being such a nuisance at some point.

  2. Oh, thank you, honey! I'll think of you during my next post-meal jaunt. Mimosa is mostly amused by her enormous rack, but yes, clothing can be a challenge, particularly at 15 -- the choices seem to be oversize T-shirts or hooker-ware. I will pass along your words of wisdom.

    1. Oops, I think I meant "hooker-wear."

      Though the idea of a hooker-ware party is pretty funny. I used to work for a store that sold "adult items," and we called our events "F---erware Parties." They were very popular!