Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 44: Do You Know Where You're Going To?

That song ("Theme from Mahogany") came up in my iPod rotation during today's walk (quickly followed by "Theme from S.W.A.T." and "These Boots Are Make for Walkin'"— it's the iPod of yesteryear!) and I had to laugh, because that could also be the theme song to this month's weight-loss efforts.

Today's weigh-in is a good news/bad news kinda event:
  • The actual number: 252.5 (or, more accurately, 253, 253, 252.5, 252.5, and 251.5, depending on where I put the scale)
  • The bad news: I'm still at my plateau weight
  • The good news: I worked off every single one of the 10 pounds I put on in California, plus, to my surprise (and delight) it's Day 1 of my special lady time, which usually makes my weight go up a bit — so my real weight might actually be a pound or so lower
In any event, I'm happy to be on a losing streak again and glad to be rid of that scary excess. And I'm back into some good rhythms, so next week should be an exciting new number. I hope!

The one carryover from my vacation is that I'm still not 100 percent back in this time zone. My usual rhythm is to fall asleep around midnight (sometimes earlier) and wake up when the alarm goes off at 7. In theory I'd love to get a full eight hours, but I can't fall asleep any earlier and I don't want to sleep any later, and this seems to work for me. But since we've been back, I can't fall asleep much before 1:30 a.m., and when the alarm goes off I pummel the snooze button, finally dragging myself off my pillows around 7:45. Yesterday I didn't set an alarm, and I slept naturally until 9:30. I felt very rested, but also slothful, indolent, lazy, and pathetic.

Ah, well. Eventually I'll be back on track.

Mimosa and I did our run/walk this morning, and it was somewhat less glorious than Friday's undertaking, namely because of HUMIDITY. Ten minutes in, I was wearing a sweat blanket. We had to get milk and eggs at Trader Joe's afterward, and the a.c. was blasting (heaven!!) and I felt my sweat forming a thin sheen of frost. Crazytown.

Today's plans:
  • Get to Kohl's to use my $10 credit before it expires — I need a black sports bra and I want to peruse their clip-on earrings; Mimosa's Sweet 16th birthday is coming up! (and she doesn't have pierced ears)
  • Finish listing the 3 million books I have for sale
  • Groom Li'l Martini's feet; he's got a weird peely thing going on
  • Do an hour of yardwork around 7 p.m., when we're not in the full sun
  • See The Heat at Chunky's with Mimosa, Brunie, and my poor gimpy friend Sister Hart, who's in a cast and can't drive; she needs youthful distraction and highjinks! I am very excited
Full fun day!

But first a shower; the sweat-frost sheen has melted, and I am just about as glamorous and daisy-fresh as you'd imagine.

—Lady C, sweat-sheened sweat queen


  1. Congratulations on listing your books so quickly! I hope you did you yardwork. I SHIVERED in the car all the way home. Crazy air conditioner...

    1. You're hilarious. We did an hour of yardwork at 8 p.m. and learned the following: The evening is BUGGY. My right arm is so covered in bites, I appear leprous.

      Wonderful to see you, as always!