Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 45: Ughy Drippy Sweaty Ugh

I just read that "sweat is fat crying as it leaves your body," which is a lovely image, n'est-ce pas? Nonetheless, I hate sweating when I'm sitting still. It's gross enough when exercising, but at least there you expect it. I just had a meeting of my church committee, and we are all hot and cranky and didn't even want to drink wine. It's 90-something degrees here with 300 percent humidity. It is HOT and AWFUL and I want to cry.

(Just like the fat as it leaves my body.)

Plus it's Day 2 of my special ladytime, and I'm bloody and crampy and yucky. And our dryer is broken. And . . .

No, I'll stop there. Tomorrow will be more of the same: sit and sweat as I edit scenarios about children being bullied online. But I will also walk with my daughter (early, I said, we have GOT to beat the heat if at all possible) and pick up our CSA share and zumba! — my last Tuesday night class for a while.

Oh! And Eddie Dance Party just e-mailed me that he'll resume his class in the fall, YAY!!!! Love my Eddie Dance Party!

And tonight on Turner Classic Movies is The L-Shaped Room, a movie I've always wanted to see and never have.

And I have two new episodes of Newsroom to watch, plus an enormous stack of enticing library books.

So, as always, things could be worse.

If we can grin and bear it for 99 more hours, the heat wave is supposed to break on Sunday.

Heck! What's 99 hours?

(Weep. Weep. Weep. I am a big baby, and I HATE BEING HOT!!!!!)

love and kisses, wah wah,

Lady C