Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 49: At the Late-Night Double Feature Picture Show

After steadily decreasing my evening coffee consumption over the past week, here I am tanking up again but for the best of reasons: I'm taking my kids and Angel-Daughter to the midnight movies! Pitch Perfect is showing, a flick we all love (and, yes, own on DVD, but that is neither here nor there), plus it feels like a fun summer thing to do, plus, and probably most significant, it got over a hundred degrees today and we broke a heat record set back in the 1920s for most consecutive days of 90+-degree heat — which, if you factor in the humidity, means we've been living in Hell for a solid week.

Our nerves are a tad — frayed.

But it's due to end tomorrow, sort of, with a massive thunderstorm (though tomorrow will also be on the warm and humid side — still, I'm looking forward to some Large Weather), and then Sunday, glorious Sunday, we'll be down in the 70s again, no humidity, and I will do the Snoopy Happy Dance up and down my cul-de-sac.

Despite the horrendous torrential heat, some fun things happened this week:
  • Mimosa and I saw 20 Feet from Stardom, which is an awesome movie and highly recommended.
  • We were also very dedicated and did our morning run/walks several times, getting drenched in our own sweat within the first minute, but nonetheless we persevered. And each time we ran into fun friends, including Baby Vivian, the newborn Mimosa took care of last summer. She has a full head of auburn curls now and is so beautiful! She beamed and beamed at us.
  • My Tuesday zumba gym isn't air-conditioned, so I e-mailed the Italian Spitfire to ask, How hot does it have to be before they cancel zumba??? My heat advisory doctor says I don't have to do squats during a heat advisory. She wrote back, Ha ha ha. They just canceled. Tell your doc that you'll be home doing squats in a.c., right??? But I did go to Wednesday zumba and I lifted my weights while everyone else worked their cores and it was all good.
  • AND: Since Tuesday zumba was canceled, I had Li'l Martini show me how to do Just Dance 4 on the Wii (I requested it from the library, like, three years ago); we danced to "Moves Like Jagger" and "Time Warp" and "Livin' La Vida Loca," and it was a blast! I think I "won" but we were very well matched, and this is the first Wii game that didn't make me scream at the TV. 
  • I had a brilliant idea for Mimosa's upcoming Sweet 16th birthday: Like her mama, M dislikes parties and hates crowds; she prefers one-on-one time with her favorite friends — so, instead of one big or small party, she is having a progressive party: breakfast with Angel-Daughter, lunch with Singer Chloe, and dinner with Alex Animation! Each girl has RSVP'd, it is on for August 11! Social stuff is such a challenge for my firstborn angel, but these are three genuinely awesome and wonderful girls, and I am psyched.
  • I tracked down two of the checks owed to me; the big one ($1,575) is now in my hot little hands and the little one ($150) will be mine on August 9. Alas, Penguin is still being a butthead. 
  • My editing work has remained steady but not overwhelming. And the passive-aggressive clients of last week did in fact wait till the very last second to give me the account number to charge, but they are paying me for the full 10 hours, so I won't complain. (Out loud, anyway.)
Dang me but it's hot. I stop to read what I've just written, and my forearms stick to the vinyl of my lovely ergonomic chair. The sound they make when I peel them off reminds me of leg-waxing, or removing a Biore strip. Ughy-pew.

OK — perhaps I'll brush my teeth and blot my sweat before heading out to the midnight movies. I think this is my kids' first time! Ah, a milestone.

— Lady C, sweatin' like an oldie

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