Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 54: Ab-Solutely Amahzing!

It's been an odd week. The heat wave has broken, and for that I am fervently grateful, but it just hasn't been that much fun. Mostly because I have a lot of work, and rather than a biggish job that I can kind of get lost in (what I call the editing zone) I have a huge job comprising 90 tiny pieces written by different people, so there's no consistent voice, it's like a constant stop-and-start, stop-and-start, day after day of this, and it makes me edgy.

Also — I'm trying not to be depressed about the abysmally slow progress of my weight loss, but I can't help it. I'm eating so much less! I'm exercising diligently! I'm hardly drinking any alcohol! Why is it so freaking slow?

(Because I'm two weeks shy of 51 and pre-pre-menopausal, that's why. Everyone says it's harder as you get older, and I'm living proof. Rah.)

And Husband is still coughing, and Mimosa's in camp this week and Li'l Martini's home with me, which is always a tad more distracting, and I'm too busy to do anything fun with him in this nice weather, which is a drag. Though today he had Shrieki over and I don't think they stepped a foot outside, not once in six hours. Ah, kids today.

And last night's zumba class was HOT, not in a Paris Hilton "That's hot" kinda way but in an "Is this Hades?" kinda way, I came home drenched. Even my glasses were sweating. And a new girl has joined, someone who's a dead ringer for a former friend of mine whom I dearly hope to never see again, and it was unsettling to have Dead Ringer zumba-ing right next to me. But I won't be back at that class till September, maybe she'll move on.

BUT. Things took a little turn tonight, and I am in a supremely good mood right now! Well, first zumba started out kinda funny; everyone was late except two brand-new people, who asked me lots of questions, and one of them latched on to me and began telling me all about her life, and then when class started she stayed just a little too close, which is awkward when you're zumba-ing because it involves a fair amount of flailing about, at least the way I do it, and I felt like I needed a rear-view mirror to make sure I didn't run into her. But after a while I decided to ignore her; if I cracked her across the face I would be very apologetic, and then maybe she'd back the hell up!

And then after class, as usual, the Italian Spitfire cried, "Time for abs!" and half the class sneaked out while the other half dutifully got their mats and I got my weights. I explained to the newbies that I work my arms while everyone else does abs — "Which is great," the Spitfire put in, which amazed me! So I did my arm work while everyone else rocked their cores — and then the Spitfire had them do the one core exercise I can do, what Mimosa calls throw-downs. I grew very excited and called the teacher over so I could hold her ankles (you need a partner, or something heavy to hold on to), and she was thrilled to have me participating! Though of course she was also very mean and scary and bossy with me and made me do three more than I wanted to, and I hollered like I was giving birth, which entertained everyone. I think. And now my abs are whimpering, as are my triceps, since I always push myself to do more reps than usual on Wednesday nights, but nonetheless, it is a good feeling.

Anyway! I am very proud of myself and I made my teacher happy. Life is sweet.

Off to the tub, I am truly disgusting. Wednesday zumba place is air-conditioned, but we still sweat like field hands.

—Lady C, ab-fab in Arlington

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