Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 60: For Today, I've Scheduled Some Happiness and Spontaneity...

Truly, my default setting is "upbeat," and when I have so many down days I know that it's time to take steps, whatever they may be.

Yesterday, I carpé'd some diem by grabbing my darling daughter and taking her out for sushi (she had pineapple shrimp. No one likes sushi here but me. Fortunately, Asian Fusion Hoody-Doody has an extensive Chinese menu, hence the word "Fusion" in its dead-on balls accurate title), which was divine, and then we saw a highly inappropriate movie, so highly inappropriate that I won't even name it here because my Good Neighbor will come over and throw things at me; rest assured, I am going to Bad Parent Hell for taking my not-quite-16-year-old to this movie.

(I will say that we loved it. And that for all the raunchy, filthy talk, there was not a single bit of nudity, which, yay! I can handle talk; I dislike seeing people that I'm not married to naked, whether they're next to me in the flesh or on a big screen.)

And today I set my alarm, got up at dawn (7:20), and walked the Bike Path! I took big strides and swung my arms, and it was a beautiful morning, fresh and dewy. However, I will add that the Bike Path seems to have expanded in the heat and was twice as long as usual; my 45-minute 2.7-mile walk felt like it took two freaking hours. But it felt so good to stop!

And now I'm home and have already turned the compost heap and cleaned up the trash that the raccoons knocked over and started a new Yahoo group (don't ask) and talked down a crazy Australian lady and gently chided a lippy French lady (truly — don't ask) and had some coffee, so now I will take my shower and prepare to face the day with clean hair and and an exfoliated epidermis and lip gloss.


—Lady C, sad to report that Brunie cruelly murdered Bashful during a hot game of Marry, Shag, or Kill? last Saturday — so, so sad

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