Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 64: Only 89 Months Away!

I got up early this morning, intending to walk the bike path and then buy milk, cream, and eggs at Trader Joe's and a coffee at Starbucks, using the credit cards I'm supposed to use three times each the first week of every month. Such accomplishment!

Except, and except. I'm feeling the hour and a half of yardwork that Mimosa and I did yesterday — (my knees! my elderly arthritic knees!) — and I woke up already feeling tired, and as I limped toward my scale, I said, "If I've lost weight, it's a sign I can skip my morning walk."

(And I knew this was the longest of long shots; yesterday I had lunch at Summer Shack, a post-yardwork treat, which included fried oysters and a glass of wine, though I had a ton left over [not the oysters or wine, though], and we had pizza for dinner, in our ongoing quest to find our replacement for Nicola's [yesterday's candidate — Joe Pizza in Medford — is the reigning champ. Boy howdy, it was good! We had the Spinach and Mushroom Specialty Pizza, and one with their homemade sausage and black olives, and both were divine, and the kids said that the Caesar salad was great; I was a little salad-ed out from my Greek salad at lunch plus coleslaw so didn't try it] and I made myself a glass of sangria, so even though I only had the two pieces of pizza and nothing else, and even though I didn't eat a single dessert or "snack" item, still, it was not my best diet day.)

So I weighed myself. And almost fell over. Today's weight: 251. I have broken through the 252 barrier!!!

(Fat Secret noted that I was down half a pound from my last recorded weigh-in on July 21; "At this rate," it tells me, "it will take 89 months to reach your goal." Heck, I got time. And what a stunning 60 year old I will be!)

I will do some exercise today, I promise (and I'm almost out of cream, so no matter what I'm hitting Trader Joe's. Maybe I'll walk down the hill to get it, and then do arm and core work — and then chores, of course. That sounds do-able).

And at midday Brunie will pick me up, and we're spending the afternoon poolside in New Hampshire with Book Club Girl and Sister Hart the Elder, two of my most favoritest ladies (plus Brunie of course!), and it will be so much fun!!!!

Off to throw on some crappy clothes and mascara and descend Cardiac Crest. (Hush, Bride Boy, I hear you laughing at me. It looks way less steep when you drive it.)

Progress!! I am very psyched. Even just half a pound . . . any movement in the right direction gives a girl a lift.

a buoyant Lady C

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